Upcoming… JAZZ POETRY SLAM – Friday 21st Feb

Following the success of mixing poetry with improvised jazz in the 2nd round at SpokenWord Paris two weeks ago, Moe is extending the idea to a full night of spokenword and jazz on Friday 21st Feb at the Chat Noir:

Jazz Poetry Slam.
Au Chat Noir.
Friday. Feb 21.
Sign up 19.30-20h00

Moe Seager-background vocals, percussion.
Andy Guthrie-piano.
Jay Golden-bass.

Moe explains:
Poets present a theme, mood & tempo – Poets can perform in Jazz, Jazz-Hop, Hip-Hop and Blues, Jazz-we accompany him/her in that style.Jazz The Chat Noir has offered me pilot dates in consideration of this being a weekly event. Very talented musicians have signalled their enthusiasm to play with poets. I am confident of success because of the many talented Spoken Word in Paris poets who participated on Feb 3rd, who wanna do it again. For now, we only pass the hat for funds – to pay the musicians. Sign up – 7h30-8h00.

Any questions please contact Moe
Cheers all, David

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