Bruce Sherfield

Bruce Sherfield is an arachnid. Each one of his spidery limbs is designated to an artistic medium. Poet, author, singer, dancer, composer, collagist, baker and crossword wizard, he’s lived on and off around the world from South Korea to South Kansas, releasing spores from his guts which thrive to challenge all powers that be. He hosts and organsies the Writer’s Group at Shakespeare and Co. and was featured in the SpokenWord Paris magazine issue.ZERO. His band, The Sophia Lorenians, released its Nobel prize-should-have-won EP in February 2013 and his first novel is tired of being stood up every night.
Here is a sample poem:

Black Tunnels
Late is the hinter season
Fast is the yesterday man
We He I
Not together Only
got on two stations ago
His eyes like the eyes
of a thing
Two minutes drowned
He imploded
on the fast moving walls
into objects that gave
the world its maps and measure

I had reached out out out but
past him to an unseen island
Calling itself escape
where fear shined my garden
The train
Too late is her speed
So fast that it is behind us
Racing through arch after arch
To find its own eyes or
system of suns that just weren’t there
The two minutes before
the end of the
Yesterday man


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