David Leo Sirois

David Sirois

“a kind of Woody Allen in rhymes, who captivates the audience with a totally personal science of recitation.” – Time Out Paris

David Leo Sirois is the host of Open Secret, a panelist for The Other Writers’ Group at Shakespeare and Company, & the welcomer at SpokenWord.

He was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and grew up across the border in Madawaska, Maine, as a dual citizen.

Living in Paris for over 5 years, his poems have appeared in Anglophone Parisian magazines THE BASTILLE, Belleville Park Pages, & Paris Lit Up, as well as the French online journal Terre à Ciel, where his poem “CONTAINER” (the 3rd/last part of a longer poem titled “Name.”) appears both in English & in a French translation by Carole Birkan-Berz, with the consultation of Oriane Laubrière (http://www.terreaciel.net/David-Leo-Sirois#.WGB9F9LhDIU).  The poem recently appeared in its 10-page entirety in the  online journal those that this (http://thosethatthis.com/)

Bonne Nouvelle!…”I’m writing to you today because the poetry magazine Terre à ciel is going to publish your very skillful translation of Paul Valéry’s Cimetière marin in the April issue (launch: April 15th).” – Sabine Huynh, (Editor/Publisher/Poet/Translator).  In the end, she also published his version of Valéry’s great love poem “Les Pas” (“The Footsteps”): Terre à Ciel – Paul Valéry’s “Cemetery by the Sea” & “The Footsteps” translated into English by David Leo Sirois.

His recitation of the original poem “Rainfragrant nights” served as the soundtrack to the short film BRUNO, directed by Matilda Thomas, winning a competition held by the Belleville Park Pages (https://vimeo.com/77337898).

His work was anthologized in the UK in The Keystone Anthology (Guildford, England), Vignettes & Postcards from Paris (5 poems), & in Radical Lines from a Lit City (Paris) by Bob-Davis.

Additionally, his work has been featured in the US-based anthology Becoming Fire: Spiritual Writing from Rising Generations (2 poems), both the online & print editions of The Opiate, Silo, Poesy, Ibbetson Street Press, Echoes: A Northern Maine Journal, and more – 57 publications in 2 languages, between the 3 countries.

He also served as a staff writer for the online publication The Better Drink: A Sparkling Wine & Living Magazine, contributing poetry as well as fiction, essays, film reviews, & a feature article on Champagne.

He is very highly active in Anglophone poetry events such as SpokenWord, where he performs to a hundred people at times, Open Secret, which he created, & curates (along with Antonia Alexandra Klimenko & David Barnes) combining poetry & song with stand-up comedy, and Paris Lit Up, where he has performed as a special guest, reciting for an extended period of time.

He was a featured poet at the Ivy Writers Paris Poetry Festival, & was a special guest performer at 100 Thousand Poets for Change, in Paris, for the last two years.  He has also been a featured performer at such places as Berkeley Books of Paris (The Many Hats of SpokenWord, & Literary Luminaries) & at the vernissage of photographer Matt Rosen; POETS LIVE, representing THE BASTILLE; a yearly poetry event in Bristol, England, representing SpokenWord Paris; two magazine launches for THE BASTILLE; two magazine launches for Paris Lit Up; a street event at the gallery à coté; a feature at the gallery Le Nouvel Organon, as a special guest performance for The Peacock Palace, and an outdoor performance at a castle in Slovakia, aside from countless featured readings in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine, USA.

David has begun performing as a musician again, after an 11 year silence, & plays solo in various Paris venues. He is forming a new band called Silver Shiver, & can be heard playing solo (guitar/vocals) on SoundCloud at: https://soundcloud.com/david-leo-957067099 – & with his former band, Naked Poets, at: https://dreammy.org/profile&u=davidleosirois.

Including appearances in the US, both as a poet & as a singer/songwriter, with or without his band, he has given close to 50 featured performances in four countries.

He recently finished a manuscript called Turkish Birdbath, split between poems to pigeons & to plants, as well as a more serious manuscript of 22 years’ work, his first book – Silver Shiver Fragment, both of which are in the submission process.

He is currently working on a new collection, titled The Flavor of Water.

Additionally, he co-wrote a neo-Theater of the Absurd play with Iana Sophia, called How Not to Write a Play, which was performed at two venues in Paris for the Montmartre Dionysia play festival.

He lives with his cat, Eliot, & likes to create between 10pm and 6am, waiting for the neighboring blackbirds to chant their mantra.

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