Rosemarie Reyes

roseBorn in New York, now based in Paris, Rose is a writer of poems and stories as well as one of the three hosts of SpokenWord. Her memoir, Somewhere in Between, (also the name of her online blog on WordPress), won the 2006 Edward Riviera Autobiography Award. Her poems and short stories have been published by Promethean Literary Magazine, The City at the Center Magazines, Poetry in Motion© in conjunction with the New York City MTA, amongst others. She was recently published in Paris Lit Up Magazine, and is currently working on an upcoming collection of her poems.  Rose has been a proud performing member of the spoken word communities in Paris for 2 years. Of late, she enjoys experimenting with stand-up comedy and improvisation, but revels in telling countless childhood stories about her beloved father in his indelible Dominican accent!


What I write is often a flow of conscientiousness that is informed by the people, places and things that cross my path. And I hope I never trip over them but absorb them into my psyche and follow them as they stream through my veins and arteries and push themselves out again in the form of words on the paper in an old fashioned typewriter that reminds me that innovation does not have the corner market on the dynamism of the things that I run into in this event space I call life.

Power Sharing

With urban decay at your feet

How heavily scented are your bed sheets?

If compelling facts arm an army

Then why do we think

that damming leaks with fingers

Fare us well?

No. It makes everything swell. Temporarily.

When the choice is between being reactive or proactive

You can falter until they ring that bell

Remember, content are but words

Slicing silence like swords

Yet they are relevant

Until the lies fall and they will

Then testimony is truth

And nothing but

Until then what is pure must be held back

And beyond that border we can only feel

when we touch the weathered ropes of contentment