Ivy Writers

Bilingual experimental poetry readings.

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Ivy Writers Paris is a monthly bilingual experimental poetry reading series curated by Jennifer K Dick that brings together the music of two languages: French and English. Ivy authors read in their native tongue, (often French from France or Francophone countries and English from the USA, Canada and on occasion the UK), though Ivy has also had readers who were Japanese, Argentinian, Finnish, Lebanese, Italian, German and Tunisian. Sometimes a sampling of new translations is provided, and we are always thrilled to celebrate the undertaking of and publication of new translations. However, the real goal is to enter into the music of whatever language(s) are being read.

What makes us special? The ambiance. Before the reading starts, we gather for a drink and chat with new friends and oldalongside invited authors. After the reading, books can be purchased and signed and then everyone who wants to comes along for dinner. The reading is thus sandwiched between social space, allowing listeners to really get to know guest authors. Ivy gives you the opportunity to talk to the writers you love and to their publishers, as well as other authors, translators and aficianados of poetry in attendance. Poetry is an eternal conversation, after all.