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Poet Adrian Mitchell dies, aged 76

A poet of the left, attacked by people of the right for politicising poetry (as if Shakespeare was not political!) but in my book a brilliant poet who combined sincere passion with great technique. At the legendary poetry gig at … Continue reading

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Report from 15th Dec… "Animals"

We nearly had a brawl. It would’ve been over fast though. A room full of angry poets vs three drunk/stoned guys who were amusing themselves by trying to ruin it for everyone else. Animals, indeed. Jaco persuaded ’em to leave … Continue reading

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SpokenWord needs you!

Please help us continue by downloading the bilingual poster and putting it up in a university, bookshop, student accomodation building, cafe, etc!Just click on the miniature poster, top right of this page.

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Food & drink: report from 1st December

That’s Martin Neaga on cello. Later Betty Rojas improvised on a large box instrument whose name escapes me while I did Unspoken Words. Sarah was in Berlin for Baader Meinhof days. Scott was on Quality Street. Soon you’ll be able … Continue reading

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