SpokenWord themes & special guests

Elizabeth Acevedo – national US slam champion; special guest at SpokenWord 18th Jan 2016

SpokenWord is on holiday in August but here are the themes and specal guests lined up for September:

SpokenWord themes & special guests:

April 2nd — Repetition — Irish Colomb
April 9th — I care — Moe Seager
April 16th — Film — Carl Watson
April 23rd — Insults, Shakespearean and otherwise — David Barnes
April 30th — Domestic narratives — Jeffrey Greene

How it works:

Antonia Klimenko co-ordinates and organises special guests and themes and is the person to talk to. If you, or someone you know, would make a good special guest then talk to her at SpokenWord on Monday or drop an email to spokenwordparis@gmail.com

David Barnes