THE BASTILLE lit journal

Update in progress.


Copies of no.3 and 4 are still available.

THE BASTILLE no.3 – Interesting Times
available from us (click on paypal link below) and Shakespeare & Company, Paris.

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THE BASTILLE is an upstart literary magazine published in Paris. It is the voice of the community of poets and storytellers that is SpokenWord Paris.

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In Paris you can get it at SpokenWord or from Shakespeare & Company.

Editor : David Barnes
Editorial collective : Suzanne Allen, David Barnes, Bruce Sherfield and Troy Yorke.
Contact : at
facebook page for THE BASTILLE

Submission Guidelines:
Go here. Currently not accepting submissions.

Editorial collective:
David Barnes – Editor. Founder and host of SpokenWord Paris and The Other Writers’ Group. Author of short stories exploring family and relationship ties. Poet with a range from politically radical engagement to comic verse to speaking personal truth. Prose Editor of Strangers in Paris (Tightrope Books).

Suzanne Allen – Teacher, event coordinator, and Pushcart Prize nominee, Suzanne holds an MFA in Poetry, and her chapbook Verisimilitude is available at  She also creates videos — many from Spoken Word Paris — archived at “Vlogosophy” on You Tube.

Bruce Sherfield – Poet, author, singer, dancer, composer, collagist, baker and crossword wizard, he’s lived on and off around the world from South Korea to South Kansas, releasing spores from his guts which thrive to challenge all powers that be. He co-hosts the Other Writer’s Group at Shakespeare and Co.

Troy Yorke – Troy is indescribable but I’ll have a go. A surrealist poet who mixes sex with a kaleidoscopic trip through chaos and comes out the other side with an odd take on the world.

Our beautiful back issues:

THE BASTILLE no.2 ''in your dreams''

THE BASTILLE no.2 – “in your dreams”

No.2 celebrates the anglophone writing scene of SpokenWord Paris and further afield.

100 pages of poetry, prose and art. 5 euros

Edited by David Barnes with Suzanne Allen, Pearlann Porter, Bruce Sherfield and Troy Yorke.

The Bastille number 1THE BASTILLE no.1


100 pages of poems, stories & Marie de Lutz’s photographs of SpokenWord. 5 euros

Edited by David Barnes with Suzanne Allen, Kate Noakes & Jason McGimsey.

issueZEROBefore there was THE BASTILLE, there was issue.ZERO lit magazine.


96 pages of poetry and stories in a beautiful book with a cover photo by Dylan Harris. Only 5 euros!

Edited by David Barnes, Suzanne Allen & Maxime Daher.


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