Strangers in Paris

Strangers in ParisIn 2011 Tightrope Books launched Strangers in Paris: New Writing Inspired by the City of Light, after visiting SpokenWord and The Other Writers’ Group and really liking what they saw and heard. Edited by David Barnes and Megan Fernandes it has poetry or prose by such writers as John Berger, Jorie Graham, Alice Notley and Kathleen Spivack as well as a host of Paris dwellers and Spokenworders from Alexander Maksik to Neil Uzzell, Suzanne Allen to Mia Bailey. This was the first publication to emerge from the community that’s grown around SpokenWord and also allowed myself and Megan to get in touch with some of our favourite English-language writers with a Paris connection.

Available from Tightrope Books and for €10 at SpokenWord on Mondays.

Wishing success to all the writers who appeared in Strangers!

Strangers in Paris features work from:
Suzanne Allen, Mia Bailey, David Barnes, Barbara Beck, Edward Belleville, John Berger, Judith Chriqui, Marie Davis, Sion Dayson, David Eso, Megan Fernandes, Jorie Graham, Jeffrey Greene, Jonathan Hamrick, Isabel Harding, Marty Hiatt, Margaret J. Hults, Andrea Jonsson, Julie Kleinman, Antonia Klimenko, Sam Langer, Colin Joseph Wolfgang Mahar, Alexander Kolya Maksik, Jessica Malcomson, Danielle McShine, Alice Notley, Helen Cusack O’Keeffe, Lisa Pasold, Rufo Quintavalle, Alberto Rigettini, Sarah Riggs, Eleni Sikelianos, Kathleen Spivack, Cole Swensen, Elizabeth Willis, and Neil Uzzell.

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