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Extracts from Monday 15/03/2010

The Theme was Bread, Pain… aka… Money, Argent….. Maxime Daer: Long-questing for the Holy Grail,Let me now end my searchOn knees before you like I’ve notYet ever done in church. Oh let me bow, and raise my headBeneath your skirt … Continue reading

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SpokenWord 8th March… question & answer

Many questions were answered. Alberto lectured on Aristotlean ethics, or “rules for relations between the sexes according ot interstellar compatibility.” Antonia interrogated the moon (see poem posted below.) Megan measured the Biblical workings of plain molecules. Dylan drowsed the dawn … Continue reading

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Interrogation of the Moon

by Antonia Klimenko Where’ve you been?Where’re you going?What are you doing?Who with?How long?What for? He prunes back your favorite rosebush–now a miniature bonsai`This should have been your first clue He plows through you like pulp fiction–the next chapter is PolandThis … Continue reading

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Disguises 1.3.2010

“Be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise” is written by Whitman (George) on the wall of the Shakespeare & Co. The theme was not “These guys” as someone thought, was “Disguise” indeed.Was not about Dylan, was … Continue reading

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