Miss Yankey guest poet at SpokenWord 17th June. Theme: Travelling blind


Miss Yankey is a British/Ghanaian writer and performance poet, International Slam Champion, founder of Poetry Prescribed, co-host and resident poet at The Chocolate Poetry Club, open mic host at Mind Over Matter, and member of the FLO Poets.

As a writer, Miss Yankey has completed commissions for clients ranging from The Historic Royal Palaces to designer fashion brands; technology giants, charity organisations, and travel companies.

As a performance poet, Miss Yankey has captured the attention of audiences at the Royal Albert Hall, Trafalgar Square, the Tate Modern Gallery, the BBC, the Tower of London, Althorp Literary Festival, and the Lambeth Country Show; to name but a few.

Miss Yankey has been shortlisted twice as a finalist for national poetry competition ‘Poetry Rivals’, and was nominated and shortlisted for the ‘Spoken Word Artist of The Year 2018’ at the Saboteur Awards.

Miss Yankey captivates her audiences with her honest and heartfelt poetry, often speaking up on behalf of the oppressed and silenced. She began writing poetry as a child and carried her love of writing into adulthood. Upon learning more about the therapeutic benefits of poetry and creative writing, Miss Yankey founded Poetry Prescribed in 2017, with the primary aim of improving people’s mental health and well being.

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Cecilia Woloch to Share the Guest-Spot with The Ellipses Condition (Pearlann Porter and John Lambert) at SpokenWord Paris June 10th! Monday’s Theme: Roots

ceciliawoloch-may2018-croppedCecilia Woloch is the author of six collections of poems and a novel. She is an NEA Fellow, a Fulbright Scholar, and the recipient of numerous other awards, including a Pushcart Prize and inclusion in the Best American Poetry series. The text of her second book, Tsigan: The Gypsy Poem, has been the basis for multi-lingual, multi-media performances across the U.S. and Europe. Born in Pennsylvania and raised in rural Kentucky, she has traveled the world as a teacher and writer.

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Pearlann Porter & John Lambert to Share the Guest-Spot with Poet Cecilia Woloch at SpokenWord Paris June10th–Monday’s Theme: Roots

IMG_8822The Ellipses Condition is the partnered creativity of American artists Pearlann Porter and John Lambert, sharing a commitment to the authentic translation of their inner thoughts and emotions into dance, music and words. Their improvisitions blur the dynamics between movement, musicality and poetry, embodying the philosophy of jazz as a verb lived in every aspect of being. Collaboratively they cultivate new audio/physical relationships, lending living bodies to intangible conversations.  Porter has been the Founding Artistic Director of The Pillow Project and a professor of improvisational dance at Point Park University for the past thirteen years.  Lambert has been a professional musician and performing poet in New Orleans and Pittsburgh for over a decade. Together they co-curate and direct The Space Upstairs as lead Resident Artists with a combined 25+ years of experience both locally and internationally creating spontaneous performances, installations and intensive improvisational studies.
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SpokenWord 3rd June – Francis Dropkin reads the poems of Celia Dropkin

”Celia Dropkin’s poems are erotically frank and emotionally unabashed, deeply engendered, relentlessly truthful. Like songs, they are terse and musical and carefully constructed to explode with maximum impact. They reveal the relationships between women and men in a way that was unprecedented in Yiddish literature. Although they were mostly written in the 1920s and 1930s, they feel utterly contemporary, which is why we are just now catching up with her.” – Edward Hirsch, writing in the foreward to The Acrobat: The Selected Poems of Celia Dropkin. More here.

Celia Dropkin’s poems will be read by her granddaughter, Francis Dropkin, who just happens to be the reason why Celia was smiling so much when this photo was taken – she was holding baby Francis.

SpokenWord theme – Grandmothers

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Win Harms to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 27th–Monday’s Theme: Night

image1Win Harms is a poet who thought that meant she could drink herself to death in Paris. Instead, she is the rebel-in-chief of an underground press, Rough Night Press and edits Rx Magazine. Originally from somewhere in the middle of nowhere, USA, she moved to a French town where she heard Sylvia Plath lived. She then followed her heart to Amsterdam, where she is the mistress of mayhem of the underground poetry scene hosting readings and performing rebel acts of light. Win used to sell her Ritalin to cheerleaders and has been a decade without an address. She published a few books of teen angst poetry that now she doesn’t care for and she is often misidentified as a feminist. Let her guide you through the rough night of the soul.





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Henrik Aeshna/Eros en Feu to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 20th–Monday’s Theme: May Madness

HENRIK-AESHNA DIOR (1)Henrik Aeshna/Eros en Feu is a multimedia artist, poet, polyglot translator living in Paris. He is the founder and editor of Paris Poets, Tsunami Gang (wild art & poetry magazine) and Paris Surréaliste, the nomad poet/fire thief of the Great Wild Night of language where the Verb is born from an exploding star. Poet of wine-stained journals and nuits blanches sewn with orgasms and silences, unsent letters to dawn. Notebooks streaked with apocalypstick and graffiti, seismic shifts, unknown voices, violent tattoos, purple scars. Scars as proverbs. Wandering poet of rock gigs and jazz joints. Beach bum and dandy poet of cafés and parks, hotel rooms, opium dens and cul-de-sacs, endless plateaux and madhouses (where “modern plague doctors transform Ayahuasca visionaries into Abilify zombies and wind-up turtle men”). Electric poet of dreams and violated innocence, plastic prophets and digital alienation. Shaman-poet of chaos and Amour Fou. Imagine a hypnotic assemblage of Isadora Duncan or Vaslav Nijinsky dancing slow-motion to the Sex Pistols while the ghost of Tyler Durden, such as a Loa in trance, convulses around speaking in tongues and drawing symbolic veves on the ground, reciting the language of the birds, unveiling « the secret of flowers and floods ». Incandescent poetry, visceral and hallucinating. Henrik Aeshna’s presence is an invitation to insurrection, – resurrection of Magic & Wonder from the hypocrisy-reality show of our time. A daily war which often grinds down and reduces the artist (the sublime creator or Sacred Clown from faraway tribes and shores) to a cornered cardboard scourge, a ‘knocked out philosopher’ (lo-fi and off-key) bleeding a philosophy torn to pieces – the scream of the dragonfly: a last liberating laughter, a cicada’s last cry; – and that is their tragedy, their beauty, their contradiction, their truth, their challenge. Nevermind! http://www.parispoets.org

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Adeena Karasick to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 13th–Monday’s Theme: Language

East VillageAdeena Karasick is a New York based Canadian poet, performer, cultural theorist and media artist and the author of ten books of poetry and poetics. Her Kabbalistically inflected, urban, Jewish feminist mashups have been described as “electricity in language” (Nicole Brossard), “proto-ecstatic jet-propulsive word torsion” (George Quasha), noted for their “cross-fertilization of punning and knowing, theatre and theory” (Charles Bernstein) “a twined virtuosity of mind and ear which leaves the reader deliciously lost in Karasick’s signature ‘syllabic labyrinth’” (Craig Dworkin); “one long dithyramb of desire, a seven-veiled dance of seduction that celebrates the tangles, convolutions, and ecstacies of unbridled sexuality… demonstrating how desire flows through language, an unstoppable flood of allusion (both literary and pop-cultural), word-play, and extravagant and outrageous sound-work.” (Mark Scroggins). Most recently is Checking In (Talonbooks, 2018) and Salomé: Woman of Valor (University of Padova Press, Italy, 2017), the libretto for her Spoken Word opera co-created with Grammy award winning composer, Sir Frank London. She teaches Literature and Critical Theory for the Humanities and Media Studies Dept. at Pratt Institute, is Poetry Editor for Explorations in Media Ecology, 2018 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Award recipient and winner of the 2016 Voce Donna Italia award for her contributions to feminist thinking and 2018 winner of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. The “Adeena Karasick Archive” is established at Special Collections, Simon Fraser University. She is presently on a European performance tour — with stops in Dublin, Padova, Forli, Menton, London, Paris and Venice at the Biennale.

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Anika Love to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 6th–Monday’s Theme: Liberation

IMG-2594Anika Love’s irruptive love-and-sorrows are channeled into visual and literary art which expose the unseen. Anika liberates the self from barring constructions of normalcy through her subversion of “proper” formulas. The expressionistic nature of her work is the unleashed burst of the—formerly—repressed voice. Drawing inspiration from the self possessed beauty of Nikki Giovanni—“I cannot be comprehended except by my permission”—Anika’s work is a raw reclamation of the self. Her poems rebel against the confines of social expectation as they unapologetically echo the aches, rages, and wants of the other, the objectified, and the unheard. Anika is currently studying at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan where she is painstakingly creating  against the grain!


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Erin Byrne to Guest at SpokenWord April 22nd–Monday’s Theme: Illuminations

spoken word nov 2015Erin Byrne is the author of Wings: Gifts of Art, Life, and Travel in France, editor of Vignettes & Postcards from Paris and Vignettes & Postcards from Morocco, and writer of The Storykeeper  film.  Erin’s travel essays, poetry, fiction and screenplays have won awards including Grand Prize Solas Awards for Travel Story of the Year, the  Foreword Indies Book of the Year, an Accolade Award for film, and the Pinnacle Achievement Award.  She has taught writing at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris, at Book Passage Bookstore, and on Deep Travel trips, and is host of the LitWings event series at Book Passage and in Paris which features writers, photographers, and filmmakers. Erin is Collaborating Curator in Travel Writing and Photography for The Creative Process Exhibition, which was launched at the Sorbonne and travels to the world’s leading universities.  She is on the board of advisors of LitCamp, a juried writers’ conference held annually at Esalen Institute, Big Sur.  Her screenplay, Siesta, is in pre-production in Spain, and she is working on a novel set in the Paris Ritz during the occupation, Illuminations.   www.e-byrne.com.

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Steve Dalachinsky to guest at SpokenWord Paris April 15th–Monday’s Theme: Ecology

56306757_582135692286489_855491617744748544_nPoet/collagist STEVE DALACHINSKY was born in Brooklyn in1946. His book “The Final Nite” (Ugly Duckling Presse – 2006) won the PEN Oakland National Book Award. His latest cds are “The Fallout of Dreams” with Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach (Roguart 2014), “ec(H)o-system” with the French art-rock group, the Snobs (Bambalam 2015) and “Pretty in the Morning with the Snobs” (Bisou Records – 2019). He is a 2014 recipient of a Chevalier D’ le Ordre des Artes et Lettres. His recent books include “The Invisible Ray” (Overpass Press – 2016) with artwork by Shalom Neuman, “Frozen Heatwave”, a collaboration with Yuko Otomo (Luna Bissonte Prods 2017) and Black Magic (New Feral Press 2017) and The Chicken Whisperer (Positive Manets – 2018). His newest book “where night and day become one – the french poems” (great weather for MEDIA 2018) received a 2019 IBPA award in poetry.

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