Hanniffa Patterson to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 14th–Monday’s Theme: Identity

IMG_3657Hanniffa Patterson is a Jamaican who has lived in Paris for over 6.5 years and in France for 8. She has been writing and hoarding her poetry since she was 5 years old, but truly got the courage to share her work 6 years ago at Spokenword Paris. Since then she‘ll read for whoever will listen. Her poetry often has themes of love, heartbreak, religion and identity.  She enjoys travelling, photography, meeting new people and dressing up. She loves cake and hates endives, both with equal passion.

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Rudka Zydel, Yuuri Miki, Katsuhiko Murata to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 7th–Monday’s Theme: Voice/Sound

Rudka Zydel (born 1987) – lives in Krakow, slam poet since 2012. Winner of the first National Slam Poetry Championship in Poland. Performed all around the country, tries to give high school students a voice during slam poetry workshops. Loves watching poets dance frantically to James Brown and at least once a year dreams about Rock Hudson. Her album in English would be called Clatteris.
Yuuri Miki, born 12.31.1984, grew up among haikus, modern poetry and a wide range of music. In Junior  High, one of her haikus received great recognition in Japan. Then she re-emerged in 2012 on stage in Tokyo thanks to her musical style and a quite vivid language.  She collaborated in various rock bands and won Idol contests in various Live Houses (the common music stages you find everywhere in Japan). In 2017, she organized the Ueno Poetrican Jam 5, gathering more than 900 poetry fans and subsequently won the Japanese Poetry Slam.  She has already  married three times and has 2 kids. And she wants the world to know that there is a girl that much punk rock in Japan. Wait for her and shiver!
 Katsuhiko Murata  refers to himself as a “spoken-word activist”. He produced the Poetry Reading Video “The Voice” in 2004.  In 2005, visited N.Y.C where he had previously taken part in the the poetry slam in Nuyorican Poets Cafe. There, he joined the Poetry Slam at Bowery Poetry Club. Since 2010, he has been involved in the Spring Annual live series  “Do-gyo Ninin” (nspired by Basho the great writer of Haikus)  with his friend Kawaguchi Takeshi.  His first album CD ” Birth of a Poet ”  was released in the spring of 2014. He came to Paris in 2014 and participated in the open mic of both Chat Noir and Down Town Café. He also participated in the Poetry Slam World Cup, interacting with poets from many countries. Then he decided to present a National Slam in Japan.where he hosted the first since 2015. The scale of competition continues to expand every year.
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Jeffrey Greene to Guest at SpokenWord Paris April 30th—Monday’s Theme: Domestic Narratives

JeffreyGreenePhoto.jpegJeffrey Greene has published five collections of poetry, most recently Beyond Our Means (2016).  He is the author of the memoir French Spirits and three personalized nature books.  A fourth nature book, Seven Music Forests, is under contract. He is also the author of Shades of the Other Shore, a book of mixed genre writing: sketches, prose pieces, and poetry written in collaboration with painter Ralph Petty. His writing has been supported by the NEA, the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, and Rinehart Fund, and he was a winner of the Samuel French Morse Prize, the Randall Jarrell Award, and the “Discovery”/ The Nation Award.  His poems, short stories, and essays have appeared numerous publications, including The New Yorker, Poetry, The Nation, Ploughshares, Agni, Kenyon Review, and the anthologies Strangers in Paris, Intimacy, and Nothing to Declare: A Guide to Flash Sequence. He is professor at the American University of Paris and mentors for the Pan-European MFA Program.

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SpokenWord on Monday 23rd April: Insults, Shakespearean and otherwise.

Thou cream faced loon!

You scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian! I’ll tickle your catastrophe!

There’s no more faith in thee than in a stewed prune!

It’s Shakespeare’s birthday (and deathday) once again so at SpokenWord we’re celebrating with a theme of:

Insults, Shakespearean and otherwise 

It’s 11 years and more since I started this open mic night in Paris and for once it’s come round on the day that also happens to be my birthday. So for as far as I can remember the first time, I’m gonna take the stage for the featured poet spot myself instead of just having 5 minutes. And I’ll read some things new and most likely some old favourites.

It’s brought me so much poetry and joy and friends and drunken nights and fun and even the occasional lover, this SpokenWord Paris night. Long may it continue and many thanks to all of you who’ve sailed with me on these Monday nights and whose company has made Paris so much of what it has been for me. Without you, this would not have become home, where the wandering stopped and poetry grew and flourished.

What? Oh, yes, I’ll be 47.

And not cycling home drunk (and falling off my bike twice) like my 40th, celebrated at SpokenWord back in the day when we did it at the Culture Rapide.

Drop in, come down, and raise a glass or share an insult, Shakespearean or otherwise!

Cheers all,

David Barnes


Thou sodden-witted lord! Thou hast no more brain than I have in mine elbows!

Thou art as loathsome as a toad! I do desire we may be better strangers! Your virginity breeds mites, much like a cheese.


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Carl Watson to Guest at SpokenWord Paris April 16th–Monday’s Theme: Film

Photo on 10-28-15 at 1.32 PMCarl Watson is a poet, fiction writer, playwright and critic.  He grew up in Northwest Indiana and has since lived in Portland Oregon, New Orleans, Chicago, New York and Paris. He has traveled extensively in India and other parts east of the Atlantic.  He currently splits his time between NYC and an old barn in the Catskill Mountains.  Watson has written cultural criticism and reviews for various journals including The Village Voice, NY Press, Downtown, Tribes, and The Williamsburg Observer. He is the author of several books of fiction, including Bricolage ex Machina (Lost Modern Press), Beneath the Empire of the Birds (Apathy Press), The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts (Autonomedia), and Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming, a novel published by Sensitive Skin Books.  He has also published several collections of poetry, including Anarcadium Pan (Erie Street Press), Living for the Ecstasy Sect, Confessions of an Aspirin Eater, The Green Man (Apathy)Astral Botanica, is published by Fly by Night Press, the imprint of A Gathering of the Tribes. His latest collection Pareidolia (Autonomdeia)..  He has been published in various journals including Sensitive Skin, The Brooklyn Rail, Evergreen Review, Degraphe, La Liberation and others. The novel Hotel des acts irrevocables (Gallimard) and the short story collections Sous l’empire des oiseaux, la vie psychosomatique, and Hank Stone et le coeur de craie (vagabonde)have been published in France. Vagabonde press will publish the novel Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming in 2016.
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Moe Seager to Guest at SpokenWord Paris April 9th–Monday’s Theme: I Care

181258_10150994292382423_996827985_nMoe Seager has published 5 books of poetry and will issue his next collection with Onslaught press, Oxford, U.K. Seager also leads jazz ensembles in Paris and New York and other cities as a singing jazz poet. He is the host of the Paris poetry series Angora Poets. His work has been published by le Ministère de la Culture France. His work has been translated into French and Arabic by Cairo press, Egypt. Seager won a Golden Quill award for investigative journalism and a Human Rights award from the University of Pittsburgh

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Iris Colomb to Guest at SpokenWord Paris April 2nd–Monday’s Theme: Repetition

IMG_2451Iris Colomb is an artist, poet, curator, and translator based in London. Throughout her practice she explores different relationships between form and content, applying a design approach to poetic projects. She has given individual, collaborative and interactive performances in both France and the UK (including the Royal Court Theater, the Arnolfini, and Tate Modern). Her poems have been published in Zarf, Pocket Litter and Datableed; and her co-translation, with Elliot Koubis, of Guillaume Apollinaire’s ‘The Stories and Adventures of the Baron d’Ormesan’, was published by Ampersand in 2017.
Iris has been resident artist and poet at the Centre For Recent Drawing, she is now the art Editor of Haverthorn magazine, and a member of the interdisciplinary collective ‘No Such Thing’. Her work has been showcased in the collective exhibition ‘We Fiddle While Rome Burns’ (Donetsk 2014), sold at auction in Versailles (2015), and ‘Semechki’ (Семечки), her collaboration with Russian poet Eta Dahlia, has recently been exhibited at the National Poetry Library. She also curates events seeking possibilities beyond the traditional format of poetry readings, each of which acts as a separate live experiment, linking poetry and other art-forms such as film, visual arts, sound, and design.

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Bethlehem Daniel to Guest at SpokenWord Paris March 26th–Monday’s Theme: Art

FullSizeRender (8)Bethlehem aka Bett is a community arts organizer from Portland, Oregon. Her and her cosmic sisters started an underground open mic, Deep Underground, in a basement of a special home we call Lost House. DUG has grown to doing open mics with 250 people and shows with over 1200 people.  DUG has catalyzed her love words and the lasting bind they create between people for word is bond. Her work is inspired by everything from the four elements to the moles on peoples faces to the eloquent carving that is the human body. She prefers her pictures written and there for writes pictures. Feel free to check out the community work being done in Portland on instagram as @deepunderground. She’s believes that all you speak lasts forever and that we all meet each other intentional words in this life over and over again.

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Ray Knight to Guest at SpokenWord Paris March 19th–Monday’s Theme: Reparation / Renewal

Cocaine80s7Ray Knight, the rapper and enigmatic figure, travelling the world while creating music for you to not only hear but to experience. 

Never one to be placed in a box, his sound is as diverse as his talents. A sound influenced by his California upbringing, Jamaican roots, and world travels. This is what hip hop is supposed to be, soulful, funky, poetic, and raw. His live performances can best be described as a cosmic experience on a human level. His lyrics designed to liberate, inspire, and expand your mind.

He provides his audiences with the nourishment they didn’t know they were missing, while teleporting them to a world they never knew existed. 

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Tommy Sissons to Guest at SpokenWord Paris March 12th–Monday’s Theme: Childhood

colour 4Tommy Sissons is a 22-year-old award-winning poet and playwright. He is the 2014 Slambassadors national slam champion, runner-up in the 2016 Roundhouse Poetry Slam and a two-time regional Hammer and Tongue slam champion. He has performed in venues across the UK such as the Royal Albert Hall, the Roundhouse Theatre and the Birmingham Reparatory Theatre, in addition to festivals such as Latitude, Bestival, Camp Bestival, the Edinburgh Fringe and Boomtown. He is also the narrator of Channel 4’s award-winning TV series ‘Four to the Floor’. Other clients of his include BBC Radio 1, Red Bull, VICE Magazine, the Imperial War Museum, the National Trust and the Guardian. His poetry has been studied by creative writing and literature students at the University of Trier in Germany and in addition to this, he has taught spoken word at the V&A Museum and a variety of educational institutes across the country. His debut poetry collection ‘Goodnight Son’ was published by Bx3/Burning Eye Books in June 2016 and his debut album ‘We Were All Mud and Halos’ was released via QM Records in January 2018.

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