Richard Earls at SpokenWord 14th Jan

Richard Earls performs on the London, Paris and New York spoken word circuits and will be in Paris in January to promote Bonfire, a slim volume of poetry, containing work he has developed on stage over the past two years.

At Spoken Word Paris he will be airing brand new compositions, notably the epic Mairead Aigneis, dedicated to all 21st Century Warrior Queens.

Photo: reading at his last gig at the Bowery Poetry Club, Manhattan in October.

SpokenWord theme: LIES and TRUTHS

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Heidi Seaborn to guest at SpokenWord 7th January

Heidi Seaborn is Poetry Editor for The Adroit Journal, a New York University MFA candidate and author of an award-winning debut book of poetry Give a Girl Chaos {see what she can do} forthcoming from Mastodon Books in early 2019. Since Heidi started writing in 2016, she’s won or been shortlisted for over a dozen awards and published in numerous journals and anthologies, in a chapbook Finding My Way Home and in a political pamphlet Body Politic (Mount Analogue). She graduated from Stanford University and is on the board of Tupelo Press.

SpokenWord theme: CHAOS

Cheers all,
David Barnes

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Christmas Eve SpokenWord…

A festive SpokenWord for those like me with no family to annoy in Paris… theme MIDWINTER, usuall SpokenWordery with sign up from 8pm, poetics begin from 8.30pm downstairs at the Chat Noir… Cheers all, David Barnes

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James Jewell to guest at SpokenWord 17th December

James Jewell is a jack of all trades: poet, rambling man, singer songwriter, and sometimes slave to the big system to make a buck. He and his wife Kara have been kind of nomadic wonderers from their home in the hills of Pennsylvania to Nashville, Los Angeles, Toronto and now Paris France. James has a strong sense of his Pennsylvania roots while being influenced by the weird and wonderful adventures he and his wife have experienced. James has now been part of the Paris scene for almost eight years and strongly influenced and inspired by living there.

James Jewell’s solo album “SONGS FROM THE FRIDGE” is a mix of songs that spans more then 20 years. Some fresh out of the bins of the Paris street markets and overs from the deep freeze of times past. Influences include, Woody Guthery, Cash, Elezibeth Cotton, Violent Femmes, Françoise Hardy, Georges Brassens and The Who.

SpokenWord theme: SHIPS

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Ellie O’Neill to guest at SpokenWord Monday 10th December

Ellie O’Neill is a 21 year old Irish songwriter living in Paris. Combining vocals and music that are at once delicate and powerful, her music is honest and open. Ellie takes inspiration from deeply personal experience that translates as both individual and human. The weaving together of lyrical depth and musical beauty is as natural as it is striking, and her love of the Irish language brings a unique rhythm and style to her work.

SpokenWord theme: Joy

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3rd December on SpokenWord… Mike Lemme

Our special guest this week will be a former intern for Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien, Mike Lemme. Best known for his work at the UNDER St. Marks Theater in New York’s East Village. He wrote and produced 2018’s 50th & 4th, a play loosely inspired by his first roommates in the city, a married couple he found on Craigslist. The play followed Lemme’s 2016 15-night-residency at the same theater. Mike has also warmed-up studio audiences for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and wrote for Second City. Lemme’s excited to visit Paris for the first time on holiday!

SpokenWord theme: URBAN

Cheers all,
David Barnes

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Me (David Barnes) and Maher Ajamane chatting about poetry and stuff

Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud here.

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Heather Hartley to guest at SpokenWord Monday 26th November…

SpokenWord theme: Grace

Heather Hartley is Paris Editor for Tin House magazine and the author of Adult Swim (2016) and Knock Knock (2010) both from Carnegie Mellon University Press. Her short fiction, poems, essays and interviews have appeared in or on PBS Newshour, The Guardian, Slice, The Literary Review, Post Road and other venues. She has presented writers at Shakespeare and Company Bookshop and has taught creative writing at the American University of Paris and the University of Texas El Paso MFA program.

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Camille Adnot to Guest at SpokenWord Paris November 19th–Monday’s Theme: Shadow & Light

l&s theme camille adnotCamille Adnot is a fiction writer and poet, who writes both in English and in French. She grew up in France, where she read English at the ENS of Paris and Paris-Diderot uni, which developed her love for the music of the English language. That love was furthered by living in the UK for a couple of years, first in Nottingham and then in Oxford, where she taught French. She’s also around London from time to time. Currently she’s doing a PhD on the mapping of chaos in William Blake’s illuminated books at Paris-Diderot, and teaching English lit. That hasn’t led her to engrave her poetry yet, but she’s worked in collaboration with visual artist Anne Huynh on turning a number of poems into paintings, and they’re also thinking of making a short movie out of one. In the meantime, Camille keeps on writing, performing at open mics like Spoken Word Paris or Angora Poets, taking part in the AWOL workshop, and she’s recently become part of the Poetry Brothel, where you can listen to her poetic alter ego, Sasori Sting, recite poems in a decadent fashion. Her poems in English, and poems of other writers that she has translated into French, have been published in The Opiate, Those That This, and Quail Bell Magazine.

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Vie Boheme to Guest at SpokenWord Paris November 12th–Monday’s Theme: Intuition

IMG_7136-Edit-2Vie Boheme (pronounced Vee Bow-em), is an American  Bohemian Soul vocalist, bridging the gap between music and dance.  Born in Motown, developed in Pittsburgh and refined in Minneapolis, USA, Vie Boheme is one of the most prominent artists to emerge from the Minneapolis music scene which is home to the Prince legacy of powerful musicianship  and dynamic and eclectic stage performances. Vie describes her sound as a fusion of African American music traditions;  Soul, R&B  Funk, Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Rock with  Pop sensibilities. In her live performances she flows between song and dance performing both in unison. She works to bring athletic agility to musical performance.  She calls her performance style ‘a fusion of fusions…


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