SpokenWord Sounds

3 podcasts of SpokenWord Paris, by Victor. https://spokenwordparis.bandcamp.com/


SpokenWord Sounds gives you a taste of the Paris spoken word scene…

Download or stream the podcasts for free. Listen to them in the metro, on your way somewhere. Share them so people discover the poets and performers. Pass them on to people who didn’t make it to the Chat Noir that night, or who are outside Paris.

Featured poets:

Episode 1, December 1015 – Evan Knight, Lisa Pasold, Yann Rousselot
Episode 2, January 2016 – Fred Eyangoh, Cecilia Llompart, David Barnes, Charlotte Pleasants
Epusode 3, February 2016 – Winona Linn, Maddy Sakakini, David Leo Sirois

Victor, by Sabine Dundure