Review of The Live Poets Society

Jen who does the fragment78 listing told me I had to go to this, so I did. And it was well worth it. Just 3 poets read, two sets of 12 minutes for each poet. The quality is really high. The styles wide ranging. This week there was Cralan Kelder, who had us laughing for most of both sets – a real performance poet. Mark Terrill, who combines poignant observation with sharp punchlines. Sean Street, who was more in a BBC Radio 4 traditional poetry vein.
This was the 144th Live Poets Society night that John Kliphan has directed since he created it 15 years ago. He says he has some 88 poets on tap, all professionals with great credentials. He is always interested in new voices though and says he will always respond if poets contact him about reading.

Live Poets Society
2nd (or sometimes 3rd) Tuesday of the month – check in fragment78, link on the right
at The Highlander pub (see link on the right)
8 rue de Nevers
Metro Odeon or St. Michel
Donation 5 euro

If you would like to read, submit stuff to John Kliphan, 103 Avenue Philippe August, 75011 Paris or tel.

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