Good Morning by Nila McCann

Good Morning!
What’s so good about it?
Is it good because you said so?
I hate mornings!
What if I don’t feel that way?

Why doesn’t anyone say…
OK morning or
bad morning or
average morning or
hungover morning or
‘I’m sick of mornings’ morning?

The truth about waking up sounds more like:
Hell is the sound of my alarm clock morning
I wish I were still in bed morning
I quit mornings morning

At work we could all just admit:
I hate Mondays morning
I haven’t had my coffee yet morning
Do I have to go to work today? Morning

Or honestly ask each other:
Why do you care? morning
You don’t care? morning
I don’t care! morning

The awkwardness we’d avoid if we’d say:
Let’s just fuck morning
I don’t want to see you again morning
It doesn’t happen to other guys morning

Think of how honest it is to simply say:
I cheated on my taxes morning
I slept with your wife morning
I lied to you morning

Or the stress we would relieve if we could say:
I don’t love you anymore morning
I never loved you morning
I want a divorce morning

Fuck it !! Let’s just skip mornings altogether!

Good afternoon

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