Report from 10th October at The Ogre

Back for a night of sex & love after the cold and dismal summer. Captain Bob chased a moorhen through his boat with a meat cleaver, naked as the way God made him and trying out all his Kung-Fu moves. Erin brought out what really goes on in a man’s mind when he’s trying not to… you know. Alexa called a con a CON! among other things while Conor touched his tits and thought about when he was a baby. Neil’s shotgun was only for his Grandaddy, Erica sang the story of Jack & Jill and shut us all up for a moment, Nila brought sharp sketches of People We All Know. (You know who you are.) And a reminder that November is “Write a novel in a month month” so get tapping away on those keyboards. Simona gave us heartfelt stuff about her dad and her good friend, and I snotted all over the mic’. Ewwwww! Maxime invoked Aleister Crowley. God knows what he’ll do next time when the theme for the night is Halloween.
If I’ve forgotten anyone who read, well, it’s been a while and that’s all I can remember of the top of me head.
Supporting cast provided by Pablo Neruda, Roger McGough, e.e. cummings, Henry Normal (“The house is not the same since you left”), John Hegley and Richard Brautigan.

Next time it’s at the Ogre again and it’ll be Halloween so write or find or ransack stuff about Halloween and bring it down to the cellar at the Ogre at 8 o’clock. Edgar Alan Poe in French anyone? I seem to recall he was translated by a certain gent by the name of Baudelaire, Mr Flowers of Evil himself.
And there’ll be a prize for the best Halloween get up. Personally I like to go as Jesus as he scares the crap out of me, dragging that big bloody cross around, but I can’t really give myself a prize can I?


PS David Fishel – who many of you will recall from autumn and winter’s Spoken Word – you know, that tall lanky guy who came down the catacombs and wrote poetry about cheese – is gonna be in town mid November with his girlfriend and they need a room to crash in – if you can help, email me.
And for your amusement, here’s a video of the man himself.


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