Report from last time!

Slightly strange night, I thought. Took a while to settle down and get going. Although the songs at the start were a good way to kick off – 3 arrangements of Liam’s songs including Winter Frozen. Later Alixandra and Stefanie did 2 songs (Black Crows; The better for it) and the evening finished at 1 a.m. In between we had such stuff as Whispered Gifts from Conor. Bestiario by Neruda & Chairman Mao by E.J.Thribb read by Liliana. Later she did her own stuff. Miranda did her poems fish, steps, and shipwreck. Conrad read his Waves and 1492 which links nicely to Stefanos’ long but very funny story Exploring the New World. Neil also had a great new piece which we have a recording of and will try and put up on the site, if he agrees. Daniel was Mercutio from Romeo & Juliet. And Bruce brought his blistering slam poetry. And and and…And Sergio! did all kinds of stuff, including divulging what the meaning of life is.

Next week we’re back & the theme is Masks – interpret as loosely as you like.
21h00 underground at Le Bistrot des Artistes, 6, rue des anglais
Métro Maubert-Mutualité ou Saint Michel
Happy hour finishes at 9 so come early!

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