Report from 17th November (Work)

A packed night at the Cabarét Pop in Beautiful Belleville. I think what I like best is the insight poets and performers’ stuff gives me into their interior worlds. Worlds richly different to my own. Maybe that’s the first reason why I go to these things. Plus enjoying the language and the jokes – a lot of humour last night. And finally ‘cos Spoken Word is becoming this party/social event.
So, the report:
Charly était en Amerique. Bonjour Frisco! Giéno? Il y a des gens qui vivent les vies qui ne sont pas les vies. Rufo, before his recent windfall, oiled his piston till it shone in the night. Aidan’s been working away underground in borrowed words. He says the earth will seduce you. Amy’s rusty flower snaps the lighter straps. Leemore gave us vignettes about bicycles & boys and went out with a song. Ellen’s been trying to kick the other woman habit. Beverly performed extracts of her plays, asking ‘What message are your shoes sending to the world?’ Christophe n’a pas de souci et pas de sou. Or possibly pas dessous. Alexa – whose performance poems are on the Spoken Word blog – shook out her hair in full witchiness, getting raunchier with each verse. Peter & Armen were looking for hoovers. Sally had some cracking lines. The thing thing about men is, for them sex is like pizza. They’re glad to get even cold pizza. Suzanne naomiwolfed us. Sarah’s lexicon of the erotic blew out eardrums in Limehouse. Pauline mixed alcohol and teaching, suspected her students, et finalement elle s’est marriée pour les raisons fiscals. & Xander relived being 10 and scratching that itch, the first pre-sex sex. You wanna play highschool?
Thanks to all others who read & who I haven’t jotted down impressions of.

More in 13 days!

Cold pizza, anyone?

Xander’s blog:
If you want to read his piece on the pretend high school game, hassle him through his site to send you the link.

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