Faster, shorter, better! 4mins or 2 songs

New rule: Only 4 mins reading/speaking time.
Last time too many people went on too long. Even past the old rule of 7 minutes per slot. It’s not easy to concentrate for so long on spoken word, especially if it’s not your first language. The mind just wanders. So this Monday, to make things snappier and avoid boredom, the rule will be 4 minutes per slot. That’s all you get.
I have a timer and a whistle I got from a kids’ party and I will be ruthless!
It should actually make your stuff better, having to cut it down to 4 minutes. Cutting out all the fat, leaving a lean, mean text. You can still sign up again later to do another slot, after everyone who wants to do their thing has done it once.
Note: there will be two exceptions to this 4 minute rule: first, for songs. Songs are not as tiring to listen to as spoken word – and in fact they give us a break from the spoken voice, a break we need – so the new rule will be 2 songs, not timed, although if you go on way too long I will blow my whistle to send you off. Second, if someone is being specially featured on the night e.g. to do a play reading or a puppet show (yes we have one lined up for April!) they may be given longer.
But 4 minutes is enough to startle the world with sheer poetic wordful brilliance. Cutting a text down to 4 minutes should make it better.
Colours…in 4 minutes each. Starts 20h30, lundi/Monday 16th March.

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