Report from Touch 20.4.09

A most strange night. Lorris and Anastasia (don’t they look pleased with themselves?) demonstrated their Instant Translation Device. One of its translations came out as ‘Lorris likes sex with hamsters.’ John McNulty asked ‘Who’ll drink?’ I was wounded by tenderness. Rufo (see video clip) was a clot of thought who spanked the wicked. Erotic Moonbeams Always forced Xander to read an erotic French text through a kid’s police hailer device, to Dana and Erica’s music. ‘She’s already made a date with a man she’ll hate,’ sang McNulty. Dana – who has since defeated 3 bands in single combat at the Bellevilloise – launched into her French Kickboxing Song. John Kirby Abraham, the voice of Radio France International, read his own Cypres poem from the 60s. Xander offered the idea that he might not disintegrate. Gave Cadeaux
Peter obsessed about gorgeous Fanny. Erica found Our most fragile things. A few poems later a Norwegian Bible Study group arrived. No, really. Stranger things, Horatio. Susanna read a Finnish poem and asked if you’ve stared at someone so close you can see your own reflection. Meghen was a beautiful paradox. Shane’s going-blind eyes lit-up the night. Mariko took a bet that she would see the sunrise. Hopes she’s the main actor in the movie about her life. Gabrielle, did you forget my face already? And there was a lot of praising and precious little profanity.
Dana came back with her Stupid Song. Kevin’s cookies jumped up and down. All in all, a weird night. Moments of greatness, and strangeness, and praising of the Lord. Finally Troy showed up late, improvising on the theme. Hold yourself ready, he advised. You never know when a moment’ll arise that you’ll be called on to jump onto the undercarriage of a low-flying helicopter…

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