Report from Yes/No 18th May

Troy’s The Butcher of Belleville:
Troy’s art was on show at Eglise Reformé de Belleville. Most of it on the theme of the Persecution of the Menonites. Troy, the church’s janitor, a position he was headhunted for, says he is now sick of making art. Another painting of his in the post below, but I liked this sketch, The Butcher of Belleville.
Aude’s debut at SpokenWord:
Ichi: for those who missed his extremely funny and strange concert, check out the track Hinatabito for a taste of it It’s difficult to describe the concert itself – he arrived on stilts, hit things, made things go pop, had balloons playing kazoos, hit his homemade weirdly humming organ just about everywhere.


Alberto, lookin’ tough:

Pauline read Jay Frankston’s Poet! Words tied in knots! Loud, raw, naked! Shouting me! Tim blew in from New York, then slumped like the Mets. Everything exists for a reason. And for no reason. Rufo had sticky fists and silver eyes, green-veined with moisture. Spoke of Vienna – of course, it was a lie, though beautiful. Pui lives near the harbour in NYC, under the expressway. Where neighbours smile dim as a waning street lamp and we can retract nothing. She said she liked SpokenWord, and set fire to her hat to prove it.
Alberto was all eau naturel. Who knows why humans kiss? he asked. I did 2 poems by Will Staples and Hello/Goodbye by The Beatles – all in the clip below. Xander told Mikey’s tale; the advice he got from Dad; how he shakes off the crying coming up heavy – the one promise kept. Leemore sang a song by Ed Harcourt – Til Tomorrow Then. Michele knows a clown has power; sucked the pussy of a rocking horse. Ellen Adams at her final SpokenWord dreamt last night of getting drunk with van Gogh. One of the highlights of the night for me was her powerful piece, Reading the miranda. Then, as certain as the girl with the beer glass shards in her hand, she said Yes to France. Come back soon, Ellen!
Erica & Romain, in the very source of cold, will make a space for warmth. Erica is not who she was a day ago. The Hand sang my Marusha, dear, Get your oilskins on, cast out your net for the golden fish… Ichi played some strange Japanese thing. Erika pondered how it is that to be a ‘Yes man’ is an insult, while Yes We Can is hope and determination.
Eithne told of schoolage love: he had given her that first scratch’n’sniff sticker when he asked her to be his girlfriend. He had asked, and she said yes! Deleter said beaucoup de mes ouis, ils pensent non. Peter remembered postmodernism, before the fall. Aude made her debut at SpokenWord with Gamines de Paris. Therese asked We? Or non. Dedicated La nuit to Pauline. Ellen said farewell. Distance makes the heart pound louder. Leemore sang Jersey Girl for her and Rufo wrapped up the night. His slightest movement set the iron bed shaking. I know less than I used to.

Cheers, all.

See you tomorrow?

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