Report from Earth, & Fire, 1.6.09

No one signed up for numbers One and Two so we began with Michele, surreal as ever at number Three. This sounds like this week’s pop charts. Michele’s vision was a kaleidoscope of plastic jasmine, vodka rabbits, the girl of the waxworks and deep frozen musicians. Actually, looking at this first photo you can see how intensely everyone was listening.
Colin read Turkish poet and long time political prisoner Nazim Kimet, who punched the teeth of his typewriter, and Maria Pagez, who was poised, still. Waiting for that sharp rise that will inspire her sudden pink blur of flight. Xander reported waking, itinerent and gone astray. In your dark room, you panic, having changed rooms and beds so often. Therese a parlé des hommes qui ont craqué la première allumette. Erica summoned up Parisian Clouds – this probably explains the rain we’ve had. No fluffy clouds here though – these were clouds with teeth, claws & thick hair. We had a break for Denise’s infomercial – How to Break-Up. Pauline sang In the back of my mind (clip below). And Leemore walked into a bar, knows why Mona Lisa smiled:
Christophe plunged us back 3,000 years in mankind’s lost memory. We are car people turning into panthers. Alberto reminded everyone of the theme by launching into Earth Wind & Fire’s Boogie Wonderland. Reported from Burning Man: gifts left for those loved and gone. ‘If I was dead I’d write on a piece of paper ‘I’ve been happy more than once.’ In silence burns the temple of the dead.
John McNulty claimed this is your face, framed by metal. Leemore scattered marshmallow snow over the fledgling ocean, the crackling field. Read a poem on The Great Hunger: the touch of rock on bitter root. Erica asked if the earth would start shaking. Pauline had a burning, burning, burning ring of fire. Xander prayed in a cathedral like a low pine after a fire. Troy asked Why do cats pur? and gave us a bicycle poem (see clip below). Kevin was dedicated to us. Jaco had botox dans les levres. And finally Aline sang from Hedwig & the Angry Inch: …transmission on midnight radio, spinning like a 45…

But it wasn’t quite over! Those who hung around went back with Troy to the church where he got a fire going in huge metal bowl on wheels and people sang and drank red wine and watched the flames…

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