Report from Surprises, 29.6.09

Still sat on the eurostar. In fact I’ve been on here since 6.43 and it’s now 11.16 – the train broke down and we had to return to gare du nord to get another one. Arghhhhh! On to the report from ‘Surprises.’

Giéno attendait la prochain surprise. Aly told of Rag Picker Red and sang about a Resurrectionist Puppeteer. Rufo showed us his brittle disc of honesty and cut down Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself into… Shelf. Pauline Pablo Neruda’d us with Ode to the tomato. (In summer, the tomato cuts loose!) Xander abandoned us on a burning bus, just as the attendants began dragging it into a gas station. It was all a story of stolen mangoes.
Alexa thanked the ugliest nun she ever saw. Maxx read poetry by Freddie Mercury (The show must go on!) Colin? You drank my desire, sprang from she & tree with undisguised delight.
John Abrahams wants to be a sinner – but where to begin? For Tucker, humans seem to be an egotistical catastrophe. Suzanne showed us love like lobsters; merge your lines; may the best things take you by surprise.
I had a story about a cheap psychoanalyst from Yugoslavia selling character analysis for whiskey.
Emma Klara made love in the park under the Paris stars.
Alberto spoke about an improvisational poet-chess player. In his class, 2 twin brothers pretended to be Siamese.
And Chris limericked Ahmadinejad and printed cash.

nExt 2 SpOkENwOrdS WILl bE hOstED bY AlbErtO

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