Report from Junk 11.01.10

Bruce and Isabel among the audience:

Robert Cole, published in Ambit & elsewhere, editor of Chimera magazine:

Troy Yorke, taking a break from the manic satanic glee that his poetry brings out in him:

Or commun:

Some highlights: Or commun était abimé par l’espoir. Susie Reynolds was snowballed by a snow priest and a hermaphrodite nun. Rufo is against farmers. He needs a library to burn, time to get even. Troy Yorke likes to stuff a cat in the garbage can & then eat strawberries. He has quite an arsenal of sarcastic and shall we say direct & explicit poems. They went down well.
Robert Cole began ”All my poetry’s junk.” Saw Dali’s brain overrun with chocolate ants. Staggering with the bends. The other Troy read Beckett: Wasps in the jam. Isabel’s grandfather’s business was junk. Used to say people’d pay a dollar for this family. Ukelelelen sang an ode to Junk, the first time I’ve heard The Ramones’ I Wanna Be Sedated played on the ukelele.
Marty burns brighter, burns fiercer. His hair has grown back now.
Yanique wasted time sorting through your junk.
Bruce was, and maybe still is, Aleesha at Lonely Burger.
And finally Isabel just could not enjoy her corn dog, with cotton candy in her hair.

Robert Cole and Susie Reynolds will be seeking submissions in February for the next issue of Chimera Magazine. Stay tuned.

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