Hide & Seek 18.1.10 report by Alberto


Isabel, Izzy, Michele K, Marty, Michele, Robert, Troy, Claire, Lynn, Alberto, Bruce, Betty, Ida, J.D. Ragan, Yara Tomer, Michele, Bruce&Betty, Hukulhelen, Ramones, David, Alberto, Christian Jalil, Jason, Catullo, Raphael, Konstantin Kavafis, Troy, Isabel, John Seawright, Tia, Misha, Troy.

A very good poet, but la photocopie doesn’t say his name. [Isadore – ed.] Russian poetry by heart. God is good. In the solid company of the stars my stuff sucks. We are never tired of the psichedelic washing machine. And then you are a pile of vomit that the cat vomited on the linoleum. I don’t believe that sand is sand when it can be mud. Daffodils without Wordsworth. Poetry is my jewelry ‘cause diamonds are not a girl’s best friends. Ida hiding in Norway. Somebody put something in my drink. Maybe Michele. Have you ever thought about saving your sperm? Sex is so ordinary now, that my eyes are spying god. We all gonna die. Call or Die. Don’t hang up, let’s hang out. Life is a beautiful experience customized for you. Je veux que tu soy mon amour, mon amie, mon copain, je veux etre ton obsession parce que tu est la mienne. Fuck Face.

And two beautiful things I’ve discovered through Giasone/Jason:

Rafael’s epitaph – Ille hic est Raphael timiut quo sospite vinci / rerum magna parens et moriente mori – “Here lies Raphael, who when he was alive mother nature feared that she would be conquered and when he died she feared that she would die”

Catullus – nulli se dicit mulier mea nubere malle / quam mihi non si se iupiter ipse petat / dixit sed mulier cupido quod dicit amanti / in vento et rapida scribere opportet aqua – “My woman told me that she’d prefer to marry me to anybody, even if Jupiter himself asked her. She said this, but what a woman says to a desirous lover should be written on the wind and on running water.”

See you next week

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