by Alberto

First Round: Mike Rainbow rinsing chapeau vs shampoo, Charlie?s sexy tender juicy fruit passion gang bang mango tango, Ukulelen: Le Rossignol Anglais, Vietnam had great poets, Afghanistan has great poets: Lynn reads Jalaluddin Rumi: How can wetness leave water? Poland has great poets: Colin reads Cyprian Kamil Norwid, Miss Peacock: passion comes back in waves, washes castles away and all is lost again, passion occours in waves. Jennifer: Molossus freezing in snow, I?m getting my gaga glam on, I wanna fuck you one more time. Troy: If my ass was a sailor I?d kiss him on his mouth, Isabowie: Passion turns on the left, passion turns on the right, Trev: 38 reasons not to write a love poem. Letisia and everybody is singing: “My bonny lies over the ocean”. Alberto: While I was killing you I was telling you I love you. Mr. Dave: 243112609 or the fridge is out of eggs again, closes asking if there will be one day a canadian poet who?ll write a poem not referred to the weather.

Find him in the second round:

It’s Troy. Betty featuring the Chipmunks. Don a day with the Sofia Lorenians. Sue, from Canada: Summertime. No way. Bruce: Popcorn Motel: Blood like butter, wounds like eyes, have you ever been to the movies for something other than surprise? Mike: Candy The Cow, The Belly Dancer. David, Neruda, Lynn, Claire, Isabel: I love you with waves on my shoulder, you ondulate to the touch like a river. Anna plays a joker, a smoker, a real hot poker. Jeff opens another bottle of Charles Baudelaire Special?s from our cellar. It?s midnight. Bye bye. No. A last minute poet: Alison from Australia. But I?ve forgot her lines. Please come back, on monday. Mirrors.

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