Report from Valentine's Day Hangover 15th Feb 2010

Valentine’s Day hangover/guele de bois de St Valentin

Betty opened with a beautiful song. Indie, 5 years old, with another beautiful song: “Il y a un chat”.
Dylan’s father was an UFO. Robert went shopping for sour peaches and gave it to his lover. Rufo, Rudolph, Sue, Charlie, Jean Philip, Alberto: A poem for Camilla Parker Bowles, hated by everybody for being ugly, basically. So Charles and Camilla become “Tristan and Isolde”. “This kitchen is a suffocating beast”. “C’mon squeeze me like you doooooo”. “She did not like the Valentine’s gift that I gave her and she went supersonic”. “Once I saw a drunken bride, coming out from darkness, trembling and stumbling like a little white flame”. Bruce, victim of a metro at the wrong hour: “Making the love of surviving each other
Last year I sent you flowers
But this year – none of that crap
This year I sent you
A Venus Fly Trap

You gave me your heart
Now you’re asking for it back
Well I’ve cut it into pieces
And I’ve fed it to my cat

Follow the rest of the poem on our blog: Bitter Valentine.

Miss Peacock: “Love. This is another lie. I’m still waiting for the truth, so tell me another lie.”
Paul: Fuckin sport, sport fucking. The stoic Ukulhelen sings: Boyfriend in a coma. Isabel and Janet Winterspoon: I love you is always a quotation. Eric reading McGuckin’s poems, Megan reading Pessoa’s diaries, Bruce reading “When I was a boy in Kentucky” and Alberto The Poem of the Drunken Bride part II. The stranger stages an improvisational play featuring Miss Peacock with balls, aka John, Rudolph dedicated to Gabriel, Christopher wears a bag on his head and neologizes with Sarah. Jason goes bilingual and it’s fucking cool. So I take away a copy of his stuff ‘cause I want to put it in the report, and now I’ve lost it. Anna: “I like to to dream alone”, Marty introduces us to the whole work of P.K.R. Mieklejohn in Amour-Propre, Sarah writes poems on the metro, Rita is trapped in Budapest, Jessica: “Do you think I like you as a friend?” First kiss, followed by first sex, followed by first argue. We are aging. Let’s write about that.


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