Disguises 1.3.2010

“Be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise” is written by Whitman (George) on the wall of the Shakespeare & Co.
The theme was not “These guys” as someone thought, was “Disguise” indeed.
Was not about Dylan, was not about James, was not about Charlie.
You’re not Juliette
I’m not Roméo
You’re not Ophélie
I’m not Hamlet

You’re not Cécilia
I’m not Nicolas
You’re not Marylin
I’m not JFK

You’re not Bonnie
I’m not Clyde
You’re not Héloise
I’m not Abélard

love does not lie
love is a truth
love is real
and my love is so…

By Stedy S. Kalam

Therefore I saw a zebra running without stripes, David wearing goggles, Rufo sewing the second-hand dress of the drunken bride, two twins pretending to be joined at the hip, a dragon in the parade with human legs. A belly dancer worried about my future. A newborn Rasputin disguised as night with breeze for his hair. Jean Philip disguised as Wesley Snipes. Chris as shakespearian drag queen.

Everytime I find a disguise, you don’t know I’m wearing you.
Miss Peacock

Mr.Dave’s last haiku:
If you might ask questions
please use
the present tense.

Why the belly dancer is worried about my future?
For this, and many other questions without answers, come back on monday 8.
Theme: “Question… answer.”

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