SpokenWord 8th March… question & answer

Many questions were answered.
Alberto lectured on Aristotlean ethics, or “rules for relations between the sexes according ot interstellar compatibility.” Antonia interrogated the moon (see poem posted below.) Megan measured the Biblical workings of plain molecules. Dylan drowsed the dawn light. Monsieur Fauxcul made his omelette. Jason sang the SpokenWord blues. And Bruce drank bourbon with his cornflakes & his one-eyed cat called Dirk. Lira stole the last raspberry tart. I found the cause of that bad smell in your fridge. And Maxx asked stupid questions. Thanks to all the others who also did stuff. Tonight’s theme: Bread. See you there? At the Cabaret Populaire 103 rue Julien Lacroix, be there before 9 if you want a seat!

Mark is Monsieur Fauxcul.

Marie shook off the dust…

Carlo & Lexi

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