Report from MAGIC 10.5.10

Hosted by Alberto:

Featuring Natasha from Russia, you know, the country around Moscow:

Bringing a touch of elegance to SpokenWord, Claire Trev and Paul:

And Robert, lost in a sunflower sutra of California supermarkets with Allen Ginsberg:

Magic night with Lady Calmus, Charlie, Claire Trev, Rosalia, John, Natacha, Noriko, Bruce, Jean-Philippe amongst the others. I’ve tried to post a video in which a professional magician named Troy starts elocuting “Are you dead now?”, but in vain, the upload failed. Maybe it’s too heavy, maybe too hot and not allowed on TV. I’m sorry, the only way too see the tough stuff passing here, is on Monday night, live, at Culture Rapide. I leave you with some magic lines by Antonia Klimenko from “Out of Thin Air” and then I disappear:


O Universe!
Above my stereo, my computer and my cell,
You are my favorite wonder
with your mirrored-stairways leading to untold dimensions,
with your zillion galaxies flashing-
eyes opening and closing like painkillers.
While I am turning blue and tricks in the dark,
You are performing Miracles!

Why, after all these centuries
am I not yet able to reveal myself
unto myself? What other kind of magic
do you have up my sleeve?
What other mysteries must remain hidden
in order that they not lose their powers.

See you on Monday,
searching for what is lost in translation.


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