Report from Skin/Peau 28/06/10

Images from The Last Spoken Word Of The Season.
(But check out July 26th Special Summer Night)

Miss Peacock

The audience is clapping

the audience is tripping or sleeping

Sa peau de primtemps et d’etè
Sa peau silisse dont jamais je me lasse
Sa peau tendre ressin ou je me prelasse…


Quand elle respire ou qu’elle se penche,
il y a toute celle peau qu’on voit, alors on franche
On en oblie où on travaille, où on habite


Go robust buffalo go.


The Dudes plus Lars

You think you’re taking drugs
But drugs are taking you
You think you’re making money
But money are making you

Colin & The Dudes

that vagina in the middle of yr back
is mighty inviting
and you –
yr teeth gleam like a flashlight

whose foothills shall i grace ce soir?
which winding paths
the hole left by yr absence
isn’t much of a consolation
that divine sparkle in yr eye

if i were the last man on Earth
and you were the last woman
would you dis me,
ignore me?
i AM the last man on Earth
you ARE the last woman
quoi alors?!?
citywide emergency is flakes of snow



He is the bad smell in your fridge.

He is the rat whose rotting corpse you saw
And that sewage washed up on your shore
There is nothing wholesome in his breath,
And death would seem the only cure.
When he speaks
It’s like toxic worms writhing in your ear
Don’t get too near
What’s clear

That though he thinks he’s on a roll
He has halitosis
Of the soul


Chris and Jess

Xander is back

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