Your assignment for the next SpokenWord in Septembre

Dates to be confirmed.

I’m bored of themes, so instead here’s an idea – for the first SpokenWord in September, write a deliberately ugly poem. So many poems aim at beauty or the sublime. Let’s turn that on it’s head and aim for ugliness. That’s your starting point. Go anywhere you like from there. Of course you might find an ugly poem, or a poem that aims at ugliness, written by some famous or infamous writer. Or one that simply describes something ugly. But what I think will be most interesting is to try to write something yourself without your usual goals, whatever they are, that you have when you’re writing poetry, but write a poem that deliberately aims at some kind of ugliness.
J’en ai marre de thèmes. Donc pour le premier soirée de SpokenWord de la rentrée, je vous invite d’écrire un poème laide et/ou moche. Ça peut être interessant.
Salut maintenant
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