Wailing report from 6th Sept 2010

Maria d’Arcy, in a tale of the Devil:

Thérèse, with a poem with no future:
Sergio’s god is only sand and wind in the desert:

Alberto appeals to the audience:
Claire Trev, at her last SW for a while:


Featured poet of the night was Suzanne Allen with her long poem ‘Wail’, a new feminist’s ‘Howl.’ A poem that borrows from the structure and narrative style of Ginsberg’s poem and achieves much of its power and impact.

I saw the best minds of my gender ripped by feminine fantasies, dichotomous pretty, pretty birds,
balancing on thin wires strung between sanity and independence sainthood and sin above societal shark tanks,
pagans with primal instincts long repressed and forgotten in the quest to thrive aroused and awakened at the new moon to dance gratuitous circles together til desert dawn…
Hopefully she can send me a link to the rest.
Charlie found a lost peach and winced. Sam said “Bark like a dog, attack like a turkey. Give yourself a good dressing down.” John reminded us that whatever we’re doing here, these moments may never come again…. I like the ‘may’ in that sentence! Dylan spoke of malicious utilities. Sergio’s god is only sand and wind in the desert. Michele was… well, Michele, really. Rufo went grooouaaahhhhhthhspth p pt! Maria d’Arcy performed an extract of Burns’ Tam O’Shanter. Claire Trev reworked Rimbaud. Nigerian whores punched Alberto’s windows. Thérèse said a poeme pour personne, un poèsie sans avenir, par un poète instable. And there was much more besides.
Next SpokenWord: Tomorrow lundi 20 septembre at 21h. No theme/open theme.
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