Alberto's Report from SpokenWord 11.10.2010

Lovely Spokenworders got together for this mid-October’s episode, as usual in Belleville.

Marie Claire Calmus was in the house, Dylan Harris, in the house, the house is Culture Rapide Cabaret Populaire, Eric De Jesus, visiting from Philadelphia was in the house too.

Check out his myspace:

Bounch of poets.

Even the bartender was performing his verses:

“Elle fait l’eour de l’horloge

Veut à tout prix prendre le large

S’aidant de quelques arpèges

Pour oser tournee la page.”


Troy was there:

“Punching you on the face is fulfilling.”

Troy Yorke

And Caesar, Alexa, Miss Peacock, Nicolas, Magalì,

and me.

The psichedelic brainwasher Michele, Chris to the Newens, and Benjamin,

Bibù, Natascha from Russia, and Tyler:

“The debris of our collision seems to have been tidied.

Heat and noise have come to occupy your place.

Deceived again by my dreams, I surrender myself back to sleep.

It is there, after all, that you seem to exist.”

Tyler Magger

The Maxx, and to close the night, Suzanne.

She’s one of the Spoken Word’s favorites. We gonna miss her.

See you soon.

Or to use Alexa’s word:

“She brings out the best in me

We like ze wine and ze chat ah oui oui oui!!!

she’ll always be true blue to me

Cuz she’s a solid gold girl, a California Girl like me.


She’s a California sunset in Paris…

a star in the noontime sky

a taco full of laughter in a coffee shop in Amsterdam

a short ride on a long rollercoaster at midnight

Forever Bopping on

Hopping on the metro to the next dream…

See you soon Golden girl.”

– Alexa Rutherford dedicated to Suzanne Allen.

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