Report from Kentucky night, 8th Nov…

Marie Davis, second from left, author in the upcoming anthology Strangers in Paris, and cartoonist, surrounded by pretty girls. Leaning back against the wall of the Cabaret Pop and taking it all in….With Marie, Margaret and The Sirens all blown in from Kentucky, and Bruce being kind of from there too, it was unofficial Kentucky night at SpokenWord. In this pic, Michele rests against the windows, recovering after Alberto (3rd from left) came in to report we had a poet down… Margaret (2nd from left) sang Summertime. Not the first time she’s been to Paris – she’s hitched all round Europe before…

The Sirens ”He can’t have what I don’t give up…”
Back from Athens, Stefanos with his wild & beautiful Bob Dylan hair… and Yara, performing Amberblind, ”a naughty little song by Stefanos.” Great to have some songs, it’s been a while since we had so much music.
To give you a flavour of what else went on: Benjamin knew well what he was fleeing from: Istanbul – the trains smell of damp sweat and sugared tea. Troy (reading at Poets Live this Tuesday) had a dim light growing between his legs, spin cap bottle boy. Marie read a story about a candy loving lesbian, Bourbon balls and girls. Beth reckoned holding the stars might wash your aura clean. Bruce’s canvas drank them in, Art is his itch. He put the brutality down on paper. Max shaved off his beard, combed his hair. What clearer sign of the End Times could there be?Matt was a pilgrim of sorrow. So Ed spelt it out for us wordy fuckers, balanced directly between soul and sky: it’s the slow explosion of trees…

Till tomorrow.
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1 Response to Report from Kentucky night, 8th Nov…

  1. Suzanne says:

    Oh, Man!!! Can't believe I missed the divine Miss Davis!!! Grow beez… and hugs from L.A.

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