Report from the first SpokenWord of 2011

The mailman was lost on route. Atlanta stood aghast. The ceiling fan was lit and William wanted to be buried in a sandcastle. Anna saw the man on the Staten Island ferry dancing for dimes. Anton channelled William Service, “The Man Who Knows.” Lynn Jeffries picked up the pieces. And Ariel banjo’ed us.

Georgina asked “Little penguin, why are you so sad when the sun shines hot?” Chris & Benjamin spent Christmas with God. Rufo dedicated himself to the negligent earth. M. Alberto Riggetini reported his last bath in Malaga. Like a snap of the tongue, the first drop. Sunset had never been so glad to see him.
J.D. channelled Ferlinghetti. Julianne wondered if she’d be happier as a house cat.She scrambled out of your window, glass shards in her hair, saying “Don’t touch me baby, I’m heavy.”
So that’s some samples of the words spoken at the last SpokenWord, more or less misaccurately semi-remembered by me. For wild and different words – and the chance to buy a copy of issue.ZERO – come to the Cabaret Pop tonight at 9.
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