Report from the last day of January of this year of Our Lord 2011

Spoken Word 31 January 2011

January’s gone but the cold remains, wolves and foxes gathered at Culture Rapide where “il faut (pas) se méfier des mots….” From the list tonight: Dylan, Benjamin, Ariel: “I want to be an artist forever without thinking about the consequences….” Romantic Troy Yorke, Moe, Claire, Corneliu states that for him stand up comedy is very similar to sex (why do you stay there staring at me without doing anything?)

Part II: Leander, Claire, Miss Peacock:

“When the time of the wenting come to an end the earth taken out,

the green sown back in, the prince lays there in rest,

and forget-me-nots sprouted unforgivingly over him.”

Bastien Loriou:

“Et je crois qu‘éternellement, je courrai ce pâturage.

Il ne suffit pas d’en être amant pour qu’une femme vous offre son visage.

Il demeure cette distance, qu’aimer en retour seul peut enjamber

Cette infime distance entre soi et l’autre, d’un doigt librement déplié.

Et de cette distance elle me demeure, précisément, la moitié.”

Bubu, Hard-Core Troy Yorke, Alberto.

Chris (from the) Newens who set up an old school tragedy with a proper four blokes g(r)eek chorus:


Sing, oh muse

Of Mighty Odysseus, wanderer of many Oceans

To Ittica, returning to Penelope besieged

Of Heroic Theseus, Prince of Athens

Vanquisher of the Minotaur, who claimed Ariane as his own.

Sing, oh muse,

of Arthur Sneddon, a touch socially awkward but basically alright bloke

whose attempt to win Jane Kemp with a two for one dinner at Pizza Express,

was never likely to go to plan.”

Roy, Dalea, editor of Core, reading her first poem and presenting Volume X Issue I,

Tyler and Ariel, who’s going back in the USA after a few months of great poetry performances

on our stage. Our stage is still open to everyone, every monday night. See you there.


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