Writers Get Violent

A message from Alberto…

Welcome to Writers Get Violent! Welcome to the first fight club for bohemians. Struggling writers of Paris, sick of mutual readings, snobby criticism, sappy feedbacks in writing workshops, decide to fight. A literary event our good old granpa Hemingway would have liked. Come down and hear some REAL beat poetry.

Here is the program:

First of all the weight. As tradition wants, every boxer will be weighted (almost naked). A Press Conference. A brief reading, a violent critic by the opponent, and when the words doesn’t matter anymore, the fight. First time ever on a ring:

Chris Newens (ENG) vs Peter Brown (AUS)

Jess Granatt (ENG) vs Georgina Emerson (USA)

Kirsten Forster (ENG) vs Beth Peacock Jervis (CAN)

Host: Alberto Rigettini Referee: Troy Yorke

The jury will be composed by literary authorities of the underground Parisian Scene.

Three Rounds. Violence. National Anthems. Illegal bettings.

Thursday March 3rd 9pm

At: Chat Noir, 76 Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris. Metro: Parmentier, Couronnes Suggested betting 5 Euro.

Monday February 28 Press Conference at Spoken Word.

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