SPOKEN WORD 28 FEBRUARY REPORT & Video footage from Writers Get Violent

by Alberto

Crowded Spoken Word, we are starting earlier but we always finish at Midnight!

Igor Limansky, first time on our stage, opens it:

“We are drunk and naked, dancing

by the light of non-decision

in shoes made perfect by the moon.”

Marie Claire Calmus, Trelys Duprè,

J.D. reading about the Saintsimonians for the last time before going back to the coldest Alaska we can imagine, Moe Seager, Arash, Troy, Clain, Alberto introducing the first fight of “Writers Get Violent”:

Chris The Vicious Newens VS the No Meat Eater Peter Cow Killer Brown,

who read a remix of the notorious Cassius Clay’s poem “I’m The Greatest”:

Yes, I’m the man this poem is about, I’ll be Champ of the world,

there isn’t a doubt.

Here I predict Mr. Newens dismemberment

I’ll hit him so hard, he’ll wonder where Mars and April went.

If you want to see some poetry in motion, three days later:


Britney closed part I with

“you were satisfying like peanutbutter

sweet like agave limbs unfurling into wafts of coriander

(manna my dear)”.

Part II

Started with Susie, followed by Kyle. If you want to taste his songwriting:


Robert Cole, Chris Newen’s short play featuring Jess Sleazy Martinez Granatt and Kevin the Cow, Betty without the Box. Mimi kicked asses.

She’s her speciality indeed:


If you want to laugh more and more info, go on her facebook page:


Amy, and then the Press Conference for thursday’s second fight: Kirsten Johnny Bastard Foster VS Beth Poisonous Peacock Jervis. Troy with his famous love poem: “Sweet Tender Buttfinger”, Moe , Julian craving for “Money”, Rufo Quintavalle, Arash. Final French Poetry Lessons by Bastien, by Bubu. It’s midnight. Poetry homeless go home. Come back next monday.

In Belleville, at Culture Rapide.

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