SpokenWord Report 19 Sept

An Incomplete Report by David.
Photos by Pearl Pirie, taken on 5th and 19th. I think.


I began, reading Shelley…

like the bright shade of some immortal dream
    Which walks, when tempest sleeps, the wave of life’s dark stream

then Theko sang a song in Russian and James laughed and wore yellow, saying “Gym bodies… are let down by the head.” Happi recalled how, yesterday, he was only a trace, a tear in an ocean of melancholy. Lisa Pasold talked about dogs. Stuff green as poison. Olivier saw horses dancing. Pearl wants to buy a bottle of water. A fish school scattered. Jason McGinsey was featured reader and did  COCA PARTY. He’s a tragic optimist. Alberto called on us to bomb the oceans. (Sometimes when I look back at the notes I take to write this report I read the phrases I jotted down and have no memory whatever of what it was about. Bomb the oceans???)
Lisa Pasold
Troy hiccuped with ecstasy. Georgina told a goblin story. Troy & Suzanne were not necessarily in love. Gabriel hung between sensation and thought, emitting a baritone mating call. Alexa advised “Say no to nuns! The Lord has other plans for you.” Chris and Ashley revealed how dentistry has twisted history in a dark and violent direction. Valerie detested the 17th arrondisement. Troy hissed like a venomous doughnut and Moe was a civilised man told to hold his tongue.
Trelys & Alberto
Finished with Hélène who works the bar and that was that. 
SpokenWord will be every Monday from 3rd October. Sign up to read in the bar from 8pm, first round starts at 9pm.
More photos:

Dylan of Corrupt Press
Paul Lisson of Hamilton Arts and Letters magazine

Troy & Suzanne
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