Spoken Word LATE Report 10 Oct. (Sorry I was in London!)

Routine makes the life comfortable and the humans weak and pavid. Finding ourselves suddenly homeless, put us a back to the essence of what is Spoken Word, not the wrap, but the content. Valiant spokenworders gathered in Bastille instead of Belleville, to demonstrate we can make poetry everywhere, and everyone seemed to to his best to prove it. David Barnes opened with a press conference about why we are here and a patriotic speech modeled on the famous “Carpe Diem” Georgina explained how all this started (the earth and the life as we know it, I mean), I told you was a very vigorous night, Kellyjoy went on stabbing like a butcher, Mari read “The Phoenix”, Gus played and sang a song dedicated to all the political springs around the world, Alexa was having an heart attack, I was having an heart attack, listening to her powerful poem entitled: “La Merde”:
“I must be sick cause I see shit everywhere, Je vois la merde partout!”
Shit taking the RER especially.
Patrick, read a poem with his band playing along:

“On a Railway Bridge in Cologne there hang Ten Thousand Locks.
Engraved tokens of Eternity, but they do not Eulogise,
the Monument they are attached to is one of Attachment:
Vivacious Exuberance of the Living Heart,
that hopeful Idealism that Reminds us we are not yet Lost.”

Carolyn wanting to be an insect, but not a cockroach, not a bee, not a fly, not a mosquito, not a bedbug. Marie playing acoustic but complaining she should have been playing electric! Trelys happy report ends up with somebody telling her: “Excuse moi Monsieur!”. Jo singing “This Life.” James offered the audience a multiple choice, becoming a demagogue. Gabriel is such a great rapper. Gus followed with “I’m gonna be number 1 in America”. Chris’s monologue: “Voyeurs”, encouraging you to watch youtube classics like “2 girls 1 cup”, “1 guy and 1 jar”. Camille inspired by the previous shit: “I met a man who shitted out of his side into a bag”, Jason do that when u do do not do do not do do do do what you do not what you, Mandoline recited by heart: “What do women want” by Kim Addonizio. Do you want to play it again? Dododoit!

Alberto has been in Andalusia translating Lorca “La Luna Asoma” or “The Moon Rises” winner of the competition Lorca In Translation. Ryan nailing Jesus on the Cross (I told you wa s a very vigorous night) indeed, Kelly, yeah, Kellyjoy’s final greeting card:
“I wish your balls would just explode.”
Spoken Word it’s every monday. Where? Stay tuned.

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