Spoken Word Paris Report 24/10/2011

By Alberto.
B like Bukowsky, bothered by me repairing a sink, David: The Corporate Goldfish and the 7 rules for living. Chris: All those mushy things between amphibians. Carolyn: Naked in Hotel de Ville. Marie: Bondage Darling Mistake. If you want listen to her for a whole week, here you’ll find one song a day. Lucile: We are living dead. Troy: I’m squishing flies between my fingers, you are a terrible fuck. Camille: Out of my bush, home-made socks, the angel is lost, for all who consume home made socks. And we didn’t have our happy report by Trelys, it was a terrible shock, everyone immediately felt sad, and negative and cinic, almost Parisian. We had to do something. What?

Round Two. Beth Jervis / Miss Peacock reading from Revolutionary Poetry for Individuals in Capitalism, buy it here.
Patrick: Plum Prize, Dice are Cast. Lucy: Troy gets me into missionary position. Alberto: We can float like an oarless boat. Jason: not do do do do but pa pa pa pisser sur la pipe du pap pa pa pas. Chris Newens starring Georgina: Boning yours social inferiors on a night bus at Lambeth North. Alex: It’s later than you think. We made it. We can’t live without it anymore: Collective Dramatic Happy Weekly Report: Matilde Happy Monday, Molly Happy Tuesday, Alex Bad Tuesday, Lucy Happy Wednesday, Jason Happy Thursday, Patrick Sad Then Happy Friday, Ashley Happy Saturday. But where is Trelys?
Remember: Next Monday Spoken Word Halloween Special! Dress Up and Read (And Party!)
Where? We’ll keep you posted!

The Happy Report
Beth aka Miss Peacock

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2 Responses to Spoken Word Paris Report 24/10/2011

  1. Lucy G says:

    Freud! Freud gets me into missionary position! But I love Troy's poetry, too ;)Carolyn, we are all going to miss you very much!

  2. Liliesbyearthlight says:

    Ah, the feeling is so mutual. Wish I could master that being-in-two-places-at-once thing.

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