Halloween SpokenWord

David, photo (c)  Jean-Alain Le Borgne

Halloween began with B’s scary whispering Nevermorrrrrrrre, Poe’s The Raven. Me reading my translation of Poison (or possibly, The Fish) by Baudelaire. Georgina’s Little Red Riding Hood chomping on her grandmother’s thigh, while the woodcutter throbbed with the smell of sweat, salt and hair.


Kate washed down a piece of Mrs Haversham’s wedding cake with the best espresso in the world. Patrick slouched out of Babylon, his hour come round at last. Sandeep practised interpretive dancing before the cafes of Paris. And a fridge-cold fish stared at Lucille, rolling down the hill.

Lucile, photo (c) Jean-Alain Le Borgne
Marie Baby combines Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf in one.
Alberto: While I was killing you, I was saying I love you.
Camille selling a little girl’s soul.
Gabriel was buried at night. Or possibly in night. Max practised alchemy, changing unrequited love into that which is desired. He reiterated the act of love, but found propinquity is not fusion. Jason pretended to be Italian. Ryan’s Satan lives in Prague, drowned within a sanguine flood – but is it wine… or blood? 
Troy: festering feet from the old country
Bruce was Black Pelvis, brought us the liar who says sleep will come easily and a girl who smells of bacon fat. James gave us ‘Bicycle, my Bicycle.’ Margot and Tamara shook dreams from our hair.

Next SpokenWord: Tonight at Le Ballon Vert
Sign up from 8pm, first round starts 9pm
Thanks to Julianne Sibiski and Jean-Alain Le Borgne for the photos.

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