Report from SPOKENWORD 7.11.11

…featuring Emma McGordon, Lucy Hopkins, Benji, Sandeep, Leemore and many others.

Pity les pauvres Parisian men with gold teeth,
 fight off your father’s idea of a cuddle,
  search for your reflection in a bucket of silky oil,
   your heart punctured.
If you’d known me,
 we could have been great friends.
  But now I have to roast you and kill you.
Rise arborescent, my carnivore plant.
Berdache boy –
 he throws like a girl but he fucks like a man,
  and he won’t tell me what you took from him.
Dance, waiting for the metro,
 with looks like the crack of a whip,
  to piano sonata number two in B flat minor.
Every year, make a little piece of Tuscany disappear,
 coax deformations from jagged rock.
Take a deep sea dive down the toilet.
Be witched,
 be bothered
  and be wildered.
Sing golf songs.
Boys, don’t you dream of princesses rescuing you?

Ah, la tristesse…

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