Spoken Word Paris 9-01- 2012. First of The year!

By Alberto.
First Spoken Word in 2012!
New Year, New Life, New Stuff by James, for example, like the Polish Chuck Norris Jokes (Chuck Norris can wear an helmet inside out. For example), Christelle being Sublime and Gourmand, Jason translating Samarago from Portoguese. I guess he had the idea while reading Playboy…

Alexa indeed: “I was raised as a catholic girl and I’m still recovering” and read “Thank you, Sister Mary Andrè” from the first issue of Issue Zero. Griffin following the oral tradition (“not the oral tradition that you think” – he said): “We do not perform poetry, we perform surgery”. Kate: “there is nothing simple about a line.” Lucille introducing the new issue of Scarecrowllective Fanzine. Brian: This is not poetry: Writing with headache. Madeleine borrowing a guitar and singing, Jimmy’s tributes “the view of a dog catching a frisbee.” Lucy’s poem about Concentration Camp.



Marie for David Bowie’s birthday “Sufragette City”.

David Bowie

David Barnie takes us back to the good old times at Shakespeare’s and Company with his Alithosis of the soul. J.D. playing “Hard Times Come Again No More” by Stephen Foster. Another song you should listen while reading this blog (and having a deja-vu.) Ok. I link you a karaoke version. I know what you need.You also need Sid marvellous Last Line:

Told me to walk up here, to put my neck there
Now, speak to me in the language of ducks:
Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack
‘n speak to me in the language of crows:
Caw Caw Caw Caw Caw Gouge my eyes
Speak to me in the language of men,
‘n hang me tight
Then speak to me in the language of God .
Pray Jesus won’t rule us after we die.

They stole Hrayr’s guitar but not his talent. My father’s karaoke routine.


reading his lyrics: “rain rain go away come back for mama’s washing day.”
James learning basic plumbing and stopping flushing fishes (down the loo). Deborah singing about Bedlam’s bonny boys, Julianne: “we play foreign films on my breasts”.


’s tender lovers. Georgina matching T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland with the Wasteland Limericks by Wendy Cope.

is back with a new song and a couple of concerts this weekend.It’s all folks. I wish you a great 2012. (On Mondays at least.)

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1 Response to Spoken Word Paris 9-01- 2012. First of The year!

  1. David Barnes says:

    In the 4th photo there appear to be two Albertos!Oh, and the title of my poem is HALITOSIS of the soul.

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