Report by Alberto.
Beautiful Photos by Kate Noakes.

Spoken Word Rules #2/Bis:

“Don’t ask yourself for whom this little bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”
Christelle opens the dance reading Le Diserteur by Boris Vian.

Welcome to spoken word weekly french lesson. Here you have the song with the English translation, and here the original lyrics. Lena kissed Bod Dylan. Theko playing Ukulele. Kate with scissors near her eyes. Ian W. S. warns: “This is the dead land, this is the twinkle of the fading star!!!”. Audience Reaction:

Alberto Peeps his God through his ass-hole, his God peeps him through his ass-hole. J.D.Ragan breaks my heart again in several shards , he doesen’t know who wrote this song but it is very romantic it goes like: “I taste your strawberries, I drink your sweet wine…” James, also known as James The Elder: “A comic is the guy who says “I can do Stand up comedy” and you are the one who says: “Yes, but it’s not funny”. Evan reading two poems about wine and age. Costanza, Oh Costanza, I just write down “I tremble” and your poem is over already. Georgina telling us epic stories about the drunken mothers of Connecticut and the biggest ass ever seen (In Connecticut?).
Marianna reading Futilitè. Ambjorn The Elder (I read what it is written on the sign-up page) translating from the Swedish three haikus by a, he promises, a not depressive Swedish poet, the Nobel Prize Tomas Transtrormer….

Death itself arches over me
a chess problem,
has the solution.

Thanks Ambjorn for this sample.

Jimmy (the one in the photo is not Ambjorn): “No animal is more untrustworthy than a cock”. This was a joke between two poems. Second french excercise: Add the accent when missing in Amelia Parenteau’s poem:
“Pourquoi Paris? Pour Etudier. Je repete dans les bars.”

Troy: “Ok, playing bingo was disappointing but it has produced such cute little titles like “Backpain” and “Blowing Bubbles”, for his recent Canadian adventures. Pablito was great. Hey Pablito why don’t you send me a couple of lines? Pieton: “5/6 Pastis tout va bien”. Lucy read her “Ambrose” for the slam community. Patrick and Margot replaced Marie Baby:

Georgina finished her story.
But The Story goes on, every Monday. Au Chat Noir.

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