Report from the twentieth of February

Some fragments collected, cathected & kaleidoscoped.

Coffee cooling by the phone, bluegrass telling a story. As Hitler said, the bigger the cow – the more people will milk it. Regarding ghosts. I have never seen a kingfisher, nor a metabolic bat. Lost in the menagerie of geometrics. The screech of the needle – lullaby. Drowning on Pacific Avenue. Patrick’s punctured vessel sinks below love’s waves.

The original host of SpokenWord raises Patrick from the dead.

Your eyes open like attic doors. ‘Cake’ – a poem about cake. Awoko’s dangerous malady. Troy’s Hallmark moment. Saving sperm in a tuna can. Avec La Morte tu te maries. Flame burning from a cigarette lighter. We crawled inside the windows of the Louvre. A night elf, and all the stars were watching. Thinking about you is like the last problem on the maths quiz.

A lesson too late for the learnin’.

Au Chat Noir, last week

Kate’s blog – Boomslang Poetry

And finally – if anyone out there who knows how to take a good photo will volunteer to come and get some good pics and put ’em up on facebook there’s free drinks in it.

SpokenWord every Monday
Au Chat Noir 76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
Sign up in the bar from 8pm
Poetry starts downstairs 9pm


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