Report from 9th April

Photos by Marie de Lutz
Video & words by David Barnes
Hansel and the Candy Crook, by Troy:

Troy showed up. He’d threatened to respond to Jason’s stripping (and wasn’t there a poem involved?) 3 weeks ago. He’s still threatening, as Jason didn’t show up.
We had disobedience, A.A.Milne style, with cellular sensations all the way down to the double helix.
Then a right hook from a headcase called Sharon, in Prague.
That solidified the experince for David Fishel; he looked for a swarm of words.
There are 3 kinds of mindless violence.
“The easter eggs are hidden in the nettle patch and the timer is running,” said Emily, as she ran off to work in marketing. Someone was secreting away hours in cigarette boxes, unlocking spaces in him he’d forgotten he had.
Alberto’s twin brothers pretended to be Siamese. It was spring time in Paris and Troy had a poem about Christmas.Georgina towered in Babel.
Edward read Stuart Leonard’s Taking Brooklyn Bridge – see here at Occupy The Press
And David F, here on loan to us from his Ginsberg-Gainsbourg night in New York, refused to say the “ch” word, out of respect.

Say cheese!

How many years bad luck is this?

What’s so funny?

David Fishel: more Ginsberg or Gainsbourg?

Next SpokenWord: tomorrow, Monday, featuring Rhys Trimble and his stick as star guest.

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