Shakespeare's Death Day: report from 23rd April

by David.
Photos by Marie De Lutz

It was Shakespeare’s Death Day. And somebody’s birthday too, who could it be? Oh yes, me! Unsex me now!cried Kate, filled to the top with direst cruelty. “You’re not drunk – the floor’s just moving,” responded James. Alberto took arms against a sea of English grammar. Jason filled the breach with English dead, which may be ‘cos he doesn’t like the English or may be because he was out to antagonise the French against us. Troy responded to Jason with words from Cassius. And then, and then… I’ll come to more non-Shakespearean stuff in a sec but first – the witches! Check out the witches, fresh from Tesco:

Glam rock witch

Scots witch, Glam rock witch & French Resistance witch… just back from Tesco to cook up something wicked

How cool is that!
Some other fragments:
Shane’s nomad conversing with a dead dolphin. Pablo’s panic attack. Melanie skipped a step when she should have said “Fuck you!” Moe leaned into the afternoon. Sonny Shula sang. Ferdia with a deleted scene from Hamlet. Gina: Life as a whore. Antonia:

Write a poem to heal the world
Write a poem to heal yourself!
Use your own blood for ink if you must
Put your rage on the page—
a conscious explosion—
ashes to ashes…dust to stardust
Wave it like a banner—
 Transcend without end… in change we trust                                     
March with it at anti-word demonstrations
Write the wrongs of corporate condemnations—
of leftover dreams
of songs bruised and broken
by those who never learned to scream properly
with their mouths wide open!
Be the shining star you are! a meteor!—just own it!
Make it come alive!
Be in the moment!
Come shoot off your mouth!—
just don’t blow it!

More tonight, and every Monday, downstairs at the Chat Noir!
76 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud
Sign up from 8pm, poetry starts 9pm
Cheers all,
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