Spoken Word Paris 30 / 04 / 2012


Report by Alberto
Photos by Marie De Lutz. Click here for the whole album.
Back then Sarko was the President of France.
Patrick Cash masturbation and patriotism, Melanie’s sticky afternoons, Sophie’s infinitesimal part I and II. Jason “I give her a slap on the face, not hard but humiliating.” Marie’s instructions to be more photogenic. Let’s see if it worked:

                                         Pansy: we splayed kiss marks all over the room.

Jessanyn: perhaps you thought no harm in letting her pretend. Louisa’s Christmas: Cats fucking interrupt our morning. Emily’s sex positions. Alberto’s May 2: Obama vs Osama. Griffin: “I am every gay-child who’s been told you better off dead.”
                                         Melissa playing the piano during the break.
Shane the nature poem of Saint Hook (or another Saint?), Fatima’s tick tock 52 weeks in a year
is my life measured by a laughter from ear to ear? Gina Bonati’s song: Don’t be so merciful, Don’t be too kind, I’m so used to this. Gabriel: What do you have to say now Prometheus? Tino’s singing it’s not about my monkey it’s about me and my pussy. Bruce’s exact change on the bus driver’s mind. Lucille introducing Scarecrow Collective number 3. Buy it at Spoken Word for Euro 1.50. Alex’s Baudelaire: Les gents se figurent l’ivresse comment un pays prodigieux. Ferdia and Shane and the new superhero: Man-man, half man, half man. Finally Beatrice brought flowers for David Barnes.
                                          David Barnum looking into the future.

                                                       Margaux’s human Sculpture. 


Georgina introducing the Unstrung Letter by Kate Noakes about Philip Larkin. French slam poetry by Murder and Afroriginal: lumieres sur mes freres. And Hamlet came out of the blue: To be or not to be, this is the question: whether tis nobler for the mind to suffer the slings and arrows, etcetera, etcetera. To die, to sleep, perchance to dream. See you next Monday, etcetera, etcetera.


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