Report from August 27

“Paris is a fine place to be quite young in and it is a necessary part of a man’s education. We all loved it once and we lie if we say we didn’t. But she is like a mistress who does not grow old and she has other lovers now. She was old to start with but we did not know it then. We thought she was just older than we were, and that was attractive then. So when we did not love her anymore we held it against her. But that was wrong because she is always the same age, and she always has new lovers.”

“This is Good!”

“It’s Hemingway. It’s not me!”

Chris Newens leaving Paris with Grandpa Hemingway’s tips inside his pocket.

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And also

Lizzie, Ian and Charles Bukowsky and Ryan Gasling, David, unimaginary friends and Borges, Bryton and McCarthy, Becca and a new way to kiss, Naf plus B, Alberto at The Burning Man. Dareka in French, English, Japanese, Spanish, Icelandic, Uncle Joe & Harvey Pluto & Gloria Gaynor, Pat Cash at Pere Lachaise, Magda and Andrea Gibson, Helen O’Keefe and The Angry Lutemaker, Nick, Chris Newens, Paris and Muses. Ben, Evan and Federico Garcia Lorca, Moe, Ben II and The Black Sheep, Uncle Joe and opium suppositories, Shakespeare and Company’s Novella Competition, Georgina Emerson and Roland Barthes. Spoken Word Paris is back for a new raging season. Every single Monday. C’est La Rentrée!


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